Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford


3/20/1980, Seattle, Washington

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Aaron Jamal Crawford


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    • Jamal: We could have easily given up and moved on with our lives. We all wanted to compete. That was embarrassing (in the first three quarters). Nobody wants to be embarrassed, so we had to get out there and play as hard as we can.

    • Jamal: We could have easily given up and moved on with our lives. But we wanted to continue and keep playing. Nobody wants to be embarrassed.

    • Jamal: We turned the ball over way too many times. I think we had 17 turnovers in the first half. There is no way you give yourself a chance to win that way.

    • Jamal: I just try to make the right play. Every night isn't going to be your night to score. I can do that, but I'd rather do whatever this team needs to win.

    • Jamal: I kind of got Chauncey with the cross over early. So I wanted to keep going straight without hesitating. My teammates did a great job of setting me up and coach drew up a great play. They did a great job of getting me open and I had the easy part of knocking down the shot.

    • Jamal: I kind of got Chauncey with the crossover early, so I wanted to keep going straight without hesitating, No, no. There was a little contact, but his momentum kind of carried him a little bit.

    • Jamal: I like them. I want to keep wearing them.

    • Jamal: It's been there. At times we've had it and at times we haven't. But now we're learning how to finish close games. I think that's going to make us better in the long run.

    • Jamal: It just felt like a playoff atmosphere.

    • Jamal: We're not going to finish with the worst record. It matters from the simple fact that you never want to be regarded as the worst team in the league.

    • Jamal: Everybody is on the same page.

    • Jamal: The chemistry is getting better. We are getting used to the new guys out there. We're starting to execute what Coach wants. Ever since the Memphis game, we have taken off. We should be 4-0 but we lost the close one to Memphis and really we should have beaten Chicago.

    • Jamal: Some of the guys set the table for me and all I had to do was knock down the shots. Tonight, Jalen and Eddy (Curry) got it going and I had a good fourth quarter. We're a deep team and we feel like that's one of our strengths. It's about chemistry and we're still getting used to each other. We know that anybody can come off the bench and contribute.

    • Jamal: I just think guys are playing well. They're starting to execute. Different guys are stepping up each night. Tonight it was Jalen and Eddy. Another time it could be Q (refering to Quentin Richardson) and myself or any combination. We're a deep team. There are going to be a lot of games like tonight where we have seven in double figures.

    • Jamal: Coach didn't want to call a timeout so they could set up their defense. Then it was up to me. I knew I was shooting the ball.

    • Jamal: Coach didn't want to call a timeout so they could set up their defense. Then it was up to me. I knew I was shooting the ball.

    • Jamal: That's the coach's opinion. It doesn't really matter what I think, because he said it.

    • Jamal: If there's a face that isn't here, it'll probably be mine, from all of the rumors. But I hope everyone's here. Myself included.

    • Jamal: It's hard to sit and watch. If you can jog a little, you should be out there. I was going to play and if it hurt too much, I'll sit down.

    • Jamal: We feel a little bit better going in on a win. Hopefully we can turn this thing around in the second half.

    • Jamal: If there's a face that isn't here it'll probably be mine I guess from all the rumors. I try not to get caught up in it. I hope everybody's still here, me included.

    • Jamal: This is a part of my game I can improve on. The scoring is easy for me. I'm not really too worried about that. You have to find that balance, and it's not easy. It's something you have to go through. It's experience. You have to get better at it.

    • Jamal: I honestly put the team at a disadvantage when I'm not aggressive and that's nobody's fault but my own.

    • Jamal: He brings so much to the table. He is so smart. He makes plays for everybody, including himself.

    • Jamal: He's so smart. And he makes plays for everybody, including himself. He thinks the game. He knows the game. It will be a lot easier with him on the court.

    • Jamal: I got a little sense of that.

    • Jamal: We know how good we can be. We have to go out and do it. It can't just be like this every five or six games.

    • Jamal: You do kind of take him for granted because he's so used to doing it. He's had the ball in his hand ever since he was a kid, so it's second nature for him.

    • Jamal: Games like this can't make the next day come fast enough.

    • Jamal: It's a humbling game. You never really figure it out.

    • Jamal: I honestly thought we were going to play another overtime. Then when I watched Gordon's shot, it was like slow motion. I have seen him do that a couple of times before, so we got them last time and they got us this time. We will just have to try and get them next time.

    • Jamal: I honestly thought we were going to play another overtime. Then when I watched Gordon's shot, it was like slow motion. I have seen him do that a couple of times before, so we got them last time and they got us this time. We will just have to try and get them next time.

    • Jamal: It's a start, ... Now the pressure's off. We can concentrate on playing and trying to win every game.

    • Jamal: He's a calming factor. You do kind of take it for granted. He's so used to doing it. He's had the ball in his hands ever since he was a kid. It's second nature for him. But you do kind of take it for granted being out there because he takes so much pressure off of everybody. But now we all have to step up.

    • Jamal: That was embarrassing. We have to have a better effort than that.

    • Jamal: He's a calming influence for us, a great veteran, a great leader and we're going to miss him.

    • Jamal: To me, he didn't do anything bad. Yeah, he left the court. I understand that. But if you saw your son or husband in trouble, you would do the same thing. He's a human being before he's an athlete.

    • Jamal: We didn't know how it happened or how it started. Antonio is our family, and his family is our family, so when you see that, you're concerned.

    • Jamal: There was a lot going on at the end of the game. Antonio in the stands was scary, all you could think about was Detroit and Indiana when that happened.

    • Jamal: It was his wife and kids up there. That means more than a game. When your family is in harm's way you're going to think as a human, not an athlete.

    • Jamal: His wife and kids were up there. If you see your family in harm's way, you're going to go protect them. You're the man of the house, and at that point you're thinking like a regular human instead of an athlete.

    • Jamal: It was a lot going on. We didn't think all that would be going on. Antonio going in the stands, that was the scary thing. All you could think about was Detroit-Indiana when that happened. I'm glad everyone is all right.

    • Jamal: It shows a lot about our team. We have to build on this. We can't win one and then lose five.

    • Jamal: I try not to look at the past. I keep moving forward and hopefully things get better.

    • Jamal: He never stops teaching, ever. He just gave me some advice, and I'll definitely take it to heart.

    • Jamal: I was awful down the stretch. I missed two free throws, a 3-pointer and threw the ball away. That was uncharacteristic of me.

    • Jamal: That's unbelievable. That's a testament to how good he is. He's won at every level he's ever been at.

    • Jamal: We're very confident. We're a confident group and I think we're pretty dangerous, because we're a pretty deep team and we have a great coach. So the sky's the limit.

    • Jamal: We're just now getting a taste of what it feels like to win.

    • Jamal: We have lost some games earlier (this season) and guys have taken it to heart and are really working on it.

    • Jamal: We're taking everyone's best shots and responding.

    • Jamal: We're having a lot of fun playing basketball now. When you win it's always fun, but it's the way we're winning.

    • Jamal: We didn't really talk about it. But any great leader is going to challenge his troops, so we took it as a challenge. We think we do have the makeup, so we're going to go out there and hopefully the wins can show that we have that makeup.

    • Jamal: Nobody thought they would shoot this good. And it wasn't just one guy we could key on because it was everybody tonight.

    • Jamal: We all care so much about Coach, we wanted to play our best and not quit. We just wanted to compete, and we did that.

    • Jamal: There was a lot built up, all those cameras out there when he walked out. I'm sure that can get to anybody. But he handled it really well and he played it cool, and he never stopped coaching us.

    • Jamal: In New York, that's not going to cut it.

    • Jamal: It feels good to get a win; this is just a start. But now all that pressure's off. Now we can just concentrate on playing.

    • Jamal: We just had to slow down. As a guard, I'll take responsibility for that.

    • Jamal: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't - not really disappointed - but just caught off guard.

    • Jamal: It was an adjustment, to go from starting to coming off the bench. It wasn't a rut.

    • Jamal: I'm not against it, ... Whatever he feels is going to help us get some wins, I'm willing to do.

    • Jamal: It's an adjustment. But I think in the long run it will help the team, because - like you said - we need somebody that can play both positions coming off the bench.

    • Jamal: That's my statement and I'm done with it.

    • Jamal: Sometimes the ball doesn't bounce your way.

    • Jamal: Not at all. This year didn't go the way we wanted as far as reaching our goals, but we believe it's short-term.

    • Jamal: The speculation bothers me because I feel we're prepared. It's the players. We have to come out with effort and we have to play hard. We can't put it on the coach.

    • Jamal: I felt overwhelmed by ticket demands and people wanting something from me. I said, I've got to get me a home team.

    • Jamal: He brings so much, and he's not even close to what he's going to be. He's already a really good player, but he's got a chance to be special.

    • Jamal: If he is (worried), he's not really showing it. He's real relaxed and having fun. He's happy to be here.

    • Jamal: I guess I throw it in the air a bit.

    • Jamal: He spent his whole life in Chicago. He's ready to step away from that. We used to come in the summer and hang out. He always loved New York.

    • Jamal: We'd get tired of it if he didn't know what he was talking about, but he's so knowledgeable that guys are in awe more than anything. He sees everybody on every possession. He's not just looking at one or two guys. That's what impresses guys the most.

    • Jamal: We're not saying it's going to turn around in a year. We all want it to happen immediately, but we're just going to give our best effort.

    • Jamal: Just his presence down there, he's so athletic. We're going to get the best out of him.

    • Jamal: I've seen him play so well against people like Shaq and Yao Ming. a dominant low-post presence - someone that can get you 20 points and 10 rebounds and block shots.

    • Jamal: He's excited, man. I'm excited. I can't wait to get started tomorrow.