James Badge Dale

James Badge Dale


5/1/1978, Beverly Hills, CA

Birth Name

James Badgett Dale



Also Known As

Badgett Dale, Badge Dale, James Badgett Dale
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James started his career in acting when he was very young. While still at school he landed a part in a remake of Lord of the Flies.
Soon after in 1990 James was cast as the lead in the movie Radio Flyer, but unfortunately after two weeks of…more


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    • James Badge Dale: (on auditioning for 24) When the first audition came by, I read it and I knew it was a very good show. But when I read it, I just thought, I'm too young for this, I'm not right for this, they're not going to cast me, they're going to go for something different.

    • James Badge Dale: I worked off and on in construction for six years, I was doing other things intermittently in between that. I went to college for a while, I played hockey for a while. I was never a—I guess most actors work in restaurants or bars and I'm just not built that way—I don't know, construction was fun for me. I'm not good at it, I'm horrible, but there's a romanticism about it when you're standing on top of a building and the sun is shining and you feel good at the end of the day.

    • James Badge Dale: (on 24) It's a nine-month run. You've got to be ready to show up for nine months and come to work. It's taught me a lot; as a person and as an actor about responsibility, suiting up and showing up and being ready.

    • James Badge Dale: (on 24) I think what I've found with this show is that the fan base is very loyal, and the people who watch it really love it. I know that they're the reason I'm here, they're the reason I'm working today. It's kind of a symbiotic thing, like, we're all helping each other out here.

    • James Badge Dale: (on Kiefer Sutherland) I was really excited to come in and learn from him. He's a very good actor. He's been around for a long time, and I've learned a lot from him artistically. The craft of it. Professional things also. He's been great to me, he lets me do what I need to do. He's worked with me on what works and what doesn't work.

  • Talented is only one of the words that comes to mind.

    I have seen him play a serial killer, a rapist, and a hero who okays his hand being chopped off without pain meds for the greater good. The one thing that all of these had in common is the fact that they were all greatly acted. He takes roles that would probably be creepy and horrifying to watch if done by someone else but makes it were you can't turn away. You see him acting and get drawn into it. Most of the shows I saw him on aren't shows that I normally watch but was flipping through and saw him and got drawn in. Not just by his good looks. I didn't even realize that they were the same actor until later. He does an amazing job with all of his parts.moreless
  • Chase is an extremely talented and gorgeous actor

    Chase, or should I say JBD- where do I start? He was amazing in his role on 24 - Is this gorgeous, sexy, mysterious, and talented actor married? I would love to meet him! Not only did Season 3 captivate my attention, but Chase kept me coming back for more, and more, and more!