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  • Really a pretty cool person.

    I really enjoy his work. Great guy.
  • Very talented actor!!!


    I was looking over the ratings for Jim and the others on "According to Jim" and couldn't believe people actually outrated "Cheryl" over Jim on that show. UNBELIEVABLE!!! He is the heart and soul of that show and it would be nowhere near where it is now without him. Not to mention, replacing him would be as bad as replacing Charlie on Two and A Half Men. That show is nowhere near what it used to be. Come on people---get a grip on real talent here.

  • What's so bad about him?

    There's nothing bad about James Belushi at all! I actually find him quite appealing! He's had some good supporting roles in some movies, including "Little Shop of Horrors", "Trading Places", and "Jingle All The Way"! All this is a step in the right direction for James to have very big roles! Ignore all the negative reviews about James Belushi! He's at least surviving his late brother, John Belushi! Give James Belushi a chance, folks! He's your kinda guy!
  • a great actor....ya why do you guys hate him.

    James Belushi was born June 15, 1954 in Chicago but grew up in Wheaton, Illinois. He is the third of four children of Adam Belushi, an Albanian immigrant who left his native Qytezë village in 1934 at the age of 15, and Agnes, who was born in the U.S. of Albanian immigrants.

    A high school teacher, impressed by Jim's improvisational skills while giving speeches, convinced Jim to to be in a school play. After that he joined the school's drama club. Today if asked why he got involved in acting, he will jokingly say "Because of girls. In the drama club, there were about 20 girls and six guys. And the same thing with choir....more girls!".

    He attended the College of Dupage and graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Speech and Theater Arts. From 1976-80 he became a resident member of Chicago's famed Second City. In 1979, write-producer Garry Marshall saw Jim performing for 2nd City and arranged for him to come to Hollywood and co-star in the TV Pilot "Who's Watching the Kids" for Paramount, and then for a role in the television show "Working Stiffs" (co-starring Michael Keaton). Later, in 1983, he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live for 2 years.

    He has come a long way from 2nd City, SNL, and his early role in the TV series "Working Stiffs". His feature credits since then show an extraordinary range: He was James Woods' spacey DJ buddy, Dr. Rock, in Oliver Stone's "Salvador"; the mentally handicapped dishwasher befriended by Whoopi Goldberg in the Andrei Konchalovsky film, "Homer and Eddie"; and the defiant high school principal standing up to drug dealers in "The Principal." In 2000 Belushi co-starred in MGM's "Return to Me," directed by Bonnie Hunt and starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver, and he received rave reviews for his work with Gregory Hines in Showtime's "Who Killed Atlanta's Children? As his popularity grew over the years, so did his roles in film, theater, and television.

    Belushi has performed on Broadway in Herb Gardner's acclaimed "Conversations with My Father" at the Royal Theatre, off-Broadway in "True West," at the Cherry Lane Theatre in the Williamstown Theatre Festival production of John Guare's "Moon Over Miami," and for Joseph Papp as the Pirate King in "Pirates of Penzance." In addition he does numerous voiceovers for film, television and for commercials.

    He not only keeps busy acting in films and is an investor in the House of Blues, but also performs with his band, the Sacred Hearts. Jim has little time outside career and family, but has made a major commitment as founder and member of the board of the John Belushi Scholarship Fund, which supports college and college-prep students pursuing performance and visual arts education.

    A dedicated husband and father he resides in Los Angeles with his wife - Jennifer; 2 sons - Robert ( '81) and Jared ('02) and a daughter - Jamison ('99). Jim is currently starring in his own sitcom, titled "According to Jim," which can be seen at it's regular time slot on the ABC network and 5 days a week in syndication.
  • Very talented and funny!

    James (Jim) Belushi is best known for his roles on Saturday Night Live and According to Jim. He is an exceptionally talented actor and would also make an excellent stand up comic. James really became famous from SNL, but According to Jim truly gave his fans his very best. He is currently in his third marriage and has 2 boys, Robert and Jared, along with his daughter, Jamison. James is now 54 years old and still going strong. I'm sure that James's devoted fans will always keep his memory alive and I know that I will always remember his funny and dramatic characters.
  • Jim Belushi is underrated!

    Jim Belushi is extremely funny in According to Jim. Him and Andy make the show great. I don't understand why people give the show mediocre ratings and give Belushi basically a 6/10. He might not be a 10/10, but he is definetly better than a 6. This guy has done a lot of movies and I thought he was a pretty good actor. However, According to Jim I think is his biggest accomplishment. People need to give Jim Belushi some love because he is a very under appreciated actor. I will continue to watch his show as long as it is on TV.
  • Jim Belushi is best known for starring in the hit NBC comedy Saturday Night Live in the early '80s.

    He was born James Adam Belushi on June 15, 1954 in Chicago, Illinois. His brother John Belushi was a former SNL cast member. James grew up in Wheaton, Illinois. In 1981, he joined Saturday Night Live, four years after his brother left. On May 17, 1980, James married Sandra Davenport, they have a son Robert(born 1981). That same year, they divorced. On September 22, 1990, he wed Marjorie Bransfield, but the marriage ended in 1992. He married his third wife Jennifer Sloan on May 2, 1998. They have 2 children: a daughter Jamison and a son Jared(born February 8, 2002). He and former Saturday Night Live co-star Dan Aykroyd own some clubs and Dan co-starred on According To Jim many times portraying a former school friend. I think James Belushi plays himself on According To Jim very well. I hope to see more great roles from James Belushi very soon.
  • Hilarious is really the only word I can use to describe Jim every week on According To Jim.

    I cry laughing at some of the stuff Jim does every week on According To Jim. It takes two in order to make a good show. The writer, first of all, to make the show it's own, and the actor to perform. Personally, I think Jim does a phenomenal job in this genre. I am glad he was given such a good show because without According To Jim, I doubt I would laugh half as much. I am glad to see his career has taken off, and I can see that it reflects in his work. I hope to see more from him in the future.
  • He never past his prime because he never had one. Jim is so desperate to be in the spotlight, he has his own band that nodody knows at all.

    Jim Belushi is I think the most overlooked guy in the world. No one watches According To Jim eversince it aired. I saw one of his movies but they were a waste of time for me and probably everyone else in the world. Jim is worse than Homer Simpson in his so-called "sitcom".
  • Remember the funny Belushi? No, the other one...

    God I hate Jim Belushi. Every day that he lives, making awful buddy movies/TV shows with Charles Grodin or Martin Short or some other intolerable hack, the harder it is to remember the comedic glory of John "The Funny One" Belushi. Do you understand what I'm saying? Jim Belushi is POISON.

    The good lord picked the wrong sitcom star to take when he snatched John Ritter from us. I pray this mistake is rectified soon enough.