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  • Trivia

    • Jim played the role of Mike Dooley in three TV movies, K-9 in 1989, K-911 in 1999 and K9: P.I: in 2002.

    • James Belushi was a member of the jury at the Venice Film Festival in 1991.

    • His regular food menu includes salad, chicken, steak, and, for breakfast, H&H poppyseed bagels. He feels most healthy if he doesn't eat after seven at night.

    • Jim is 5' 11" (1.80 m).

    • Both parents are dead now. First died his mother, from cancer, and after several years his father.

    • In 2003, He released the album Have Love, Will Travel with fellow SNL alumnus Dan Aykroyd, and participated in an tour. He also performs at various venues nationwide as Zee Blues with Elwood Blues (who is played by Aykroyd) in an updated version of Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi's popular Blues Brothers act.

    • From 1983 to 1985 he wrote and appeared on Saturday Night Live.

    • His first larger role was in Michael Mann's movie Thief in 1981.

    • In 1998, Jim won a Málaga International Week of Fantastic Cinema Award in the category of Best Actor for his performance in Retroactive.

    • Jim has voiced the character of "Joliet" Jake Blues on an never aired animated series based on the Blues Brothers characters. Peter Aykroyd voiced Elwood Blues. 13 episodes were ordered by the UPN Network. The order was canceled without being finished.

    • In 2003, he was in a TV commercial for Johnsonville Brats.

    • Stocky comedy actor who, like his older brother John, started on stage with the Second City comedy troupe and graduated to TV and movies.

    • His first wife was Sandra Davenport. The couple married in 1980, had 1 child, and then divorced.

    • His second wife was Marjorie Bransfield. They married in September, 1990, and divorced in April, 1992.

    • Jim's current wife, the third one, is Jennifer Sloan. They married in May 1998, and they have 2 children.

    • Co-owner of House Of Blues clubs with Dan Aykroyd.

    • Ocasionally performs concerts with the Sacred Hearts Blues Band.

    • Was originally set to co-star in Blues Brothers 2000, in 1998, but couldn't due to scheduling conflicts.

    • Jim filed a $4 million lawsuit against neighbor Julie Newmar in 2004. He accused her of using harrassment and defamation to force him from the Brentwood, California street they share. A newspaper article quoted a resident not involved with the dispute as saying "She's weird. And he's a bully."

    • He is of Albanian descent.

    • Jim The Belush Belushi is an avid cigar lover.

  • Quotes

    • James: Things like pulling chairs out and standing up when they (ladies) go to the bathroom-in the seventies women didn't like that stuff; now they like it again.

    • James: People who are into stretching their characters, as actors or human beings. People who are insightful or struggling to be.