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  • Known by most people as Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane from The Dukes of Hazzard.

    Im only 17 and so the only thing ive ever seen James Best in is The Dukes of Hazzard but I think he is so great in that show. Rosco is one of my all time favourite TV characters just because he is so funny. The laugh and all his various catchphrases are the most entertaining parts of the show.
    Despite mostly playing Rosco as a bit dopey and childlike, when the need arises Best can portray so many other sides of Rosco. Take the episode Ghost of the General Lee from season 1 for example - Bo and Luke were thought to be dead and Enos and Rosco made the "discovery". Roscos reaction was amazing. Has me in tears every time even thought we all know Bo and Luke arent dead (they are however running around Hazzard totally naked!).
    Then theres the episode A Boy's Best Friend from season 6 where Flash gets dognapped. Rosco is obviously distraught and totally lost without his dog and again even though we know Flash is fine and will be back by the end of the episode, the way Rosco's reaction is acted is very emotional. I think to be able to make the audience become emotional like that when we know there is nothing wrong says alot for the actor.
    Theres also the episode Too Many Roscos in season 6 where the real Rosco is kidnapped and a fake Rosco (played by James Best) is put in his place. The fake Rosco is a big ol' criminal and is actually quite scary. Not in a "ahhh!" horror movie kinda way but in a dont wanna mess with him kinda way. The way James Best switches from being funny to being a scary criminal is quite impressive. Just goes to show his range of acting skills - at least in The Dukes.
    I've also seen pictures of his paintings and they are pretty impressive too.....
  • He was a very talented actor.

    He played many roles in the movies and on TV. But he will always be remembered in most hearts as Sheriff Roscoe Coltrane. In the show he started out as a somewhat honest lawman who had lost his pension, which made him greedy and dishonest. He then changed and went into a more bumbling sheriff role. He had his famous speed trap and a dog named Flash. He also had a giggling laugh. He even though he wanted to arrest the Dukes for everything from stealing illegal gambling equipment to Boss Hogg’s watch didn't want anything bad to happen to them. He showed this very well in the episode 'Ghost of General Lee' in which he cries when they supposedly drowned. He could also play different roles such as a bad guy who look exactly like him. He even directed and wrote episodes he was great. I love it I love it.
  • Talented!

    James Best is probably best remembered for his role as Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane on the television show "The Dukes of Hazzard." In my opinion James Best is a very very talented actor. He always seemed so real. It was like he wasn't acting. It seemed like he WAS the person that he was portraying. He's known for his thick southern accent. I could hear his voice anywhere and automatically know it was James Best. He's such a funny person. He always made me laugh when I watched him on "The Dukes of Hazzard." In my mind, James Best will always be Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane.