James Blunt





2/22/1974 , Tidworth, Hampshire, England, UK

Birth Name

James Hillier Blount




James is a young brand new pop-rock-folk singer who writes his own music.
James was born to a family of soldiers. It's been generations after generations in the family, and even though army crept up on James', it was more than a suggestion that he'd find himself in the army. He studied in boarding school, and, when 14, found himself in the University. He studied Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering and Sociology, but spent most of the time sleeping. According to James, he believed he would fly planes - not picking up metals. He found no interest in those studies at all.

The road to the army, eventually, was not so long. He served in the far Kosovo, singing in a tank, playing on his Guitar.

His family had no connection to music. His General father even considered music to be an unnecessary noise. But from all, that is what pushed James to music. He played and sang a lot in Kosovo, and even sang about peace along the villages.

When James wanted no army anymore, he signed this period off, and flew to the US. There, he wanted to record his first album, to sing and dance in bars, and basically, to do what he likes. It was in September 2003, when he first landed in California, to start recording. He met Linda Perry, sing-writer and producer, who helped him with the music and the label.

James came up with his first album, Back to Bedlam, and with his biggest hit single, You're Beautiful. He has also released the successful song High.

James studied Piano at school, played in a school musical and then started playing the Guitar along with Nirvana's songs. His favorite artists are the Dire Straits, A love of Queen, Cat Power and Lou Reed.

In the 2006's Brit Awards, James was awarded "Best Pop Act" and "Best British Male Singer". He was also hit the #1 in the US chart with You're Beautiful.

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