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    To all those who care,I wrote the lyrics to the song 'You're Beautiful'.Since i heard the song amillion times I memorized them.I am giving you permission to write them down if you want to memorize them.Also,if i put the wrong lyric,write it as a forum to this and write where you are correcting and I will remember.Anyway here's the song:

    My life is brillant,

    My life is brillant.

    My love is pure.

    I saw an angel

    Of that I'm sure,

    She smiled at me on a subway

    She was with another man

    But I won't lose no sleep on that

    Cause I've got a plan

    You're Beautiful,you're beautiful,you're beautiful,it's true.

    I saw your face

    In a crowded place

    And I don't know what to do

    Cause I'll never be with you

    She caught my eye

    as we walked on by

    She could see from my face that i was,

    flying high

    And I don't think that i'll see her again

    But we shared a moment that will last till the end.

    You're beautiful,you're beautiful,you're beautiful,it's true

    I saw your face in a crowded place

    and I don't know what to do

    cause i'll never be with you

    La la la la la

    La la la la la

    La la la la laaa

    You're beautiful,you're beautiful,you're beautiful,it's true.

    There must be an angel,

    with a smile on her face

    when she thought i should be with you

    But it's time to face the truth

    I will never be with you

     There!The first topic is done.Did i make any mistakes?Did you like this topic?Was it a waste?Anyway,i better go,My hands are killing me!

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    I love this song so much! I know it by heart and listen to it all the time. It's like the second most played song on my Mp3 player. Anyways, I don't think you have any major mistakes. However one I did catch is that it actually is supposed to say "When she thought up that I should be with you". But no big deal at all. Awesome song! I love it and I love James Blunt.
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    A special treat for James Blunt fans:

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    All on the new MVI of All the Lost Souls: www.mvimusic.com/jamesblunt/ (Yes, I'm working with the album, and I really hope you like it- we designed it just for fans like you!)

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    Total James Blunt songs' videos w/lyrics here - http://www.post2share.com/lyrics/jamesblunt/index.html
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