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  • James Blunt is a singer who was born Febuary 22,1974.He was born in England,which explains the British accent.He was in the milatary and gave it up.He became a singer.He wrote songs like 'High','Goodbye my Lover' and the most famous 'You're Beautiful'.

    James Blunt is the best singer ever.Why is it that most people hate him?He is really talented for someone with a Brittish accent.To tell the truth,it makes him sound better.Why didn't he win at the grammy's?The stupid Dixie Chicks won everything when everyone know's James Blunt deserved it more?And what about'You're beautiful'?That's the song that made me love this guy.My little sister and i both love that song.That's how good he is,little babies love him.I know every line to that song.And just because he jumped into the water does not make him stupid.He is the best.Why did his girlfriend dump him?He is real nice and handsome.Not to mention talented.James Blunt is the best!