James Branaman

James Branaman


7/30/1978, Los Angeles, California

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    • James (On the Amazing Race): We live our lives with such gratitude already that this was just one of those experiences that we would only get through sobriety.

    • James(On his favorite challenge on the race): Obviously driving the Russian tank was one of my favorite challenges. Also, having to do the "angel dive" [at Helsinki's Olympic Stadium] it was something I was really scared to do. I really don't like heights that much, but it was an exhilarating feeling to overcome your fear.

    • James (On his favorite location on the race): Definitely the Ukraine. It was somewhere I didn't know a whole lot about. We got to see what a beautiful country it is, and the people were so nice. I actually got to drive a Russian tank there and how often to do you get to do that? All my friends were so jealous. They were like, 'I can't believe you got to drive a tank!'

    • James: The hardest part about the race is that you can only rest on planes, other than that you don't rest because you are constantly moving.

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