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    • James: (When asked who he thinks The Inbetweeners will appeal to) I think the banter and the way they behave with each other is the way school is now - and was 20 years ago. There'll always be young boys mucking about. Everyone can relate to trying to get served alcohol when you're underaged and knowing that you'll look uncool if you fail.

    • James: (When asked whether he based his character from The Inbetweeners on anybody he knew in real life) I don't know anyone as rude as Jay but it was a lot of fun getting to say the things he does. Jay stretches the truth a bit, he lies a lot and makes himself out to be something he's not. He does get to say a lot of expletives.

    • James: (when asked whether he thinks it is right that The Inbetweeners has been dubbed the "anti-Skins") Yes! I think Skins is nice because it's very glamorous. A teenager would love to have that lifestyle of rolling into a party, pulling some amazing looking girl and getting into trouble. Maybe life is like that but mine certainly wasn't! When I was at school it felt like girls were on another planet. They were clued up but me and my mates were still mucking about, thinking 'maybe if I push that girl over, she'll fancy me!