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  • James Callis as Dr.Baltar single handedly blows his performance out of the water at the beginning of the series and ends it in perfect fashion.

    There are very few performances that you can watch a show or a movie just for one character, like Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, without him Pirates of the Caribbean would have been nothing. James Callis as Gaius Baltar does almost the same with Battlestar Galactica, except there were other great performances to back his up. But James Callis really hit his stride with this performance. If it wasn't for Gaius Baltar humanity would have never suffered from close extinction, but at the end of the series he ends up saving humanity in the final battle of the cylons vs. humans. Gaius Baltar is one of the greatest characters in all of television, and James Callis nails the performance perfectly.
  • James Callis at Battlestar Galactica gives an impressive performance and portrays the character of Dr. Gaius Baltrar in an exceptional way, making the character, one of the most important in the show and my personal favorite.

    James Callis at Battlestar Galactica gives an impressive performance and portrays the character of Dr. Gaius Baltrar in an exceptional way, making the character, one of the most important in the show and my personal favorite.

    Full of flaws, with high self-preservation instincts and driven by delusions, begins a journey to survival and redemption, affecting with his actions the quest of human race for survival.

    The interaction with Caprica Six, the change in face expressions as he tries to distinguish the real from the imaginary, the guilt agony, the effort to survive, the search for redemption and the leaps of faith of a rational mind, are portrayed perfectly by James Callis as he gives to Dr. Baltar's character real life.

    Battlestar Galactica is a very good show, with excellent cast and exeptional cinematography and James Callis gives an astonishing performance.

    He is very talented and I definitely want to see more of him in TV or Movies.
  • James Callis as Dr Gaias Baltar

    From the beginning of Battlestar (the mini series), Baltar has always been my favorite. James Callis is exceptionally talented and portrays this sniveling weasel (Baltar) beautifully. In a story where the survival of the human race seems to often rest upon the shoulders and be dictated by the decisions and actions of just one person, Gaias has demonstrated that in his mind, his life is far more important than ANYONE else's. His determination for self-preservation is remarkable. The human want and need to survive is generally strong, but with him it is the number one most important thing. Even the most selfish of people can generally pertain to self-sacrifice for the greater good (survival of everyone else, survival of the human race). Not Gaias. His allegiance is to Gaias and Gaias alone. Nevertheless, he is a remarkable character, he displays the cowardice that so many have but managed to hide, or are not tested to show. He is the ultimate definition of survival of the fittest and looking out for number one.

    Not only did Gaias manage to help bring about the destruction of Caprica and the 12 colonies, but he neglected to inform anyone of the Cylons he knew of (Sharon and Six/Caprica). Then he gave a nuclear bomb to a six, the same bomb that eventually led the Cylons to New Caprica. To top it off he is helping them to find Earth. (This is how far I have got so far - mid-season three) Regardless, it is still true to say that the interests of the Cylons and humans are still beneath his own. He'll help them find Earth because he wants to find Earth and because his life is at stake!.

    On another note, his delusional apparition of Six has been very comical and entertaining throughout. It is sheer brilliance not just that she is a fantasy of a womanizer, but also that he appears to interact with her in a way that leaves the rest of the characters believing him to be odd, maybe even insane. Very funny indeed.

    He's a coward, funny, quirky, smart & stupid and most of all he's selfish- he's human. Perhaps not the best example of humanity but human nonetheless.

    I don't think anyone else could have portrayed this character better. Well done James!
  • this guy is a true hidden treasure.

    if you are looking for raw amazing acting talent you would not think to look for it on a scifi original show.....you would be so wrong!!!!!james callis among the rest of the bsg cast are amazing,but somthing about this guy stands out from the rest for some reason.i mean is character is totally hateable but at the same time so relatable in many circumstances.but his best feature that really makes you feel for him are his eyes...expecially when he is having an emotional moment,when they are full of tears yet still piercing through so intensely....its kinda a raw look into his soul.that is a trait that you rarely come accross on tv these days.bottom line this guy is great and if they ever kicked him off of bsg i would totally stop watching the show.....
  • good actor

    he does a great job of making Baltar almost likeable, instead of a Evil traitor, talented actor, very good looking, he is one of the reasons this BSG is great, it is totally beleiveable that he did not realize what he did.I love Jim Callis and want to see more of him
  • One of my all time favorites

    I know this actor mostly from the series "Battlestar Galactica, where he appears in the role of Gaius Baltar. This caracter is complex, and I can imagine that it is a difficult job to act as a good/ unintentional bad guy with an imaginary friend. His preformance in this show is astonishing in my opinion, and his caracter brings lots of deapth to the show.

    I also know James Callis from various interviews, and from his unofficial homepage. He seams to be a down to earth guy, and he pays attention to whatever goes on at his fansite. As he said himself in an interview; "Actually, I've got a small following already and I'm so excited I can't begin to tell you. Some of the people who visit the site actually met up and now they rarely talk about me and discuss their own lives instead. Then some other people wrote in to say that this was a James Callis website and they shouldn't be talking about anything else. So I wrote in and said that if you're only going to be talking about me it's going to be a very boring page indeed."

    I really hope to see more of james' acting in movies and/or on small screen in the future. He certainly deserves high rating, and the world desereves to see this man at work