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  • One of my all time favorites

    I know this actor mostly from the series "Battlestar Galactica, where he appears in the role of Gaius Baltar. This caracter is complex, and I can imagine that it is a difficult job to act as a good/ unintentional bad guy with an imaginary friend. His preformance in this show is astonishing in my opinion, and his caracter brings lots of deapth to the show.

    I also know James Callis from various interviews, and from his unofficial homepage. He seams to be a down to earth guy, and he pays attention to whatever goes on at his fansite. As he said himself in an interview; "Actually, I've got a small following already and I'm so excited I can't begin to tell you. Some of the people who visit the site actually met up and now they rarely talk about me and discuss their own lives instead. Then some other people wrote in to say that this was a James Callis website and they shouldn't be talking about anything else. So I wrote in and said that if you're only going to be talking about me it's going to be a very boring page indeed."

    I really hope to see more of james' acting in movies and/or on small screen in the future. He certainly deserves high rating, and the world desereves to see this man at work