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    • James: (About the potential Baltar action figure from the show Battlestar Galactica) I had this all planned, actually. You know those revolting gorillas where you squeeze them and their genitals pop out? Well, my thing about my action figure is that, if you squeeze me, Tricia would come out of my ear.

    • James: I think the level of devotion some sci-fi fans display turns other people off.

    • James: (About the fame that would occur after Bridget Jones) Actually, I've got a small following already and I'm so excited I can't begin to tell you. Some of the people who visit the site actually met up and now they rarely talk about me and discuss their own lives instead. Then some other people wrote in to say that this was a James Callis website and they shouldn't be talking about anything else. So I wrote in and said that if you're only going to be talking about me it's going to be a very boring page indeed.

    • (Interview for "Metro" October 13, 2004)
      Metro: Do Americans assume you are gay as you have a British accent?
      James: No, they don't. I actually get more people thinking that about me here in England, even though I wear a wedding ring.