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    James Cameron has created some of the greatest action movies of all time. Rambo: First Blood, one of the raddest action films ever made. Aliens, the only Alien sequel to be on the same level as the haunting original.

    The Terminator, an incredibly awesome film with Arnold Schwarzenegger's best role yet; as well as Terminator 2.

    Hell, even the awesomely bad Piranha 2.

    His only miss to date was probably Titanic.
  • James Cameron is a great director

    James Cameron is great. I think he directs terrific movies. He definitely chooses the right films to direct. He has done some really great action movies, but of course what Cameron is known for is directing the all-time awesome, box office hit Titanic. I heard he drove a bus for 30 years!!! Then he like fetched coffee for the stars and then found his way in the business! He is my inspiration~!~