James Carville

James Carville


10/25/1944, Carville, Louisiana, USA

Birth Name

Chester James Carville, Jr.



Also Known As

Ragin' Cajun
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James Carville is a regular political contributor to CNN, a Democratic strategist and consultant, a former U.S. Marine, and a former school teacher. He is very active in politics, especially helping to assist the Democratic Party. In addition, James Carville is also a former co-host of the CNN political debate program, Crossfire.more


Trivia and Quotes

  • How can anyone take CNN seriously when they have people who are openly biased for one political party?

    Sure alot of people like him because he tells them what he wants to here, but what good is that? Does that really tell us a real story about politics, or is it just agenda setting? For those not in Broadcasting Agenda setting isa major issue and problem with today's media, and he is one major example of it. How can we take what he says to heart, when most likely he is just reporting his feelings, or just reporting what he wants the public to know instead of reporting both sides of a story. It's ashame this happens so often, and it's even more ashame that most people are buying into what these agenda setting reporters are doing. There should be a fair report on both sides of an issue from any network, and that really is what CNN's newscast not so credible with some people.moreless