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  • James is one of the few good actors in recent years

    first saw him in "frequency" acted as John.

    many years later, he is still John in "Person of Interest".

    hopefully we see more of him in POI series and in movies too
  • gran actor, el mejor de estos tiempos para mi.

    creo que ha hecho un exelente trabajo en la serie y bueno sus peliculas son geniales
  • James needs eloqution training.

    Like most contemporary actors James Caviezel has the mistaken impression that raspy, half whispered dialogue is a substitute for good acting. A good speech coach would do wonders to help fans understand what he is saying.
  • Pure Hotness!

    'Nuff said!
  • Burlington Edison High School Rivals, Burlington, WA

    It was exciting to see that Jim is from my "stomping Our highschools were rivals. I graduated in 1981; five years ahead of Jim. Many people from Skagit County never leave. I'm happy to see that Jim followed his dreams and has been successful. He's a great actor and when I watch a movie with him in it, it's like a little piece of home is there, though I've been in Germany (with the military) for the past 8+ years. My all time favorite show is "The Count of Monte I really like "Frequency" and "Angel Eyes" as well. I wish I could watch "Person of Interest," but, unfortunately, I can't watch it overseas in Germany, due to some copyright laws . . . bummer! Hope to meet Jim in person one day!
  • Eye Candy

    Very pleasant to look at, that Mr Reese. Wonderful show!!!
  • Human Lethal Weapon

    Not many actors has the unfettered charm offensive ability to make u melt when you look into their eyes. JC is one such man. A gorgeous man's man. Wishing Jim every success he'd wished for himself.
  • I wish he had been in other shows as well. He's good and I can't understand where they've been hiding him! So they've voted Bradley Cooper sexiest man alive??? Step aside Brad boy............James is the sexiest man alive!


    I sincerely hope they keep this show alive! Can't wait for Thursday nights now! I am so totally hooked it's not funny. First time in my life that I've ever gone onto a web site looking for photos/bio of a any actor in a series or anything else for that matter. I'm still trying to figure out what's happened to me! His look, his voice, put that together with his ability to make me feel that I am actually in the episode with him is spectacular. Usually it's only a great book that takes you someplace else.

    It doesn't hurt that he looks like he just fell off the pages of GQ Magazine either!

    Please people, if you hear it's being cancelled let me know so we can take up the cause to keep it!!

  • Totally love Jim


    Love everything he's been in, especially Monte Cristo and Frequency. Loving the new Person of Interest and hope the team there can continue on with the series through the full story.

    Gotta love how he seems to disappear into the roles he plays and Person of Interest, being a TV show he's no different. Keep it up I am totally loving it :)

  • empty

    I take my hat off to Jim.

    The first picture that I took notice to Jim was "The Count of Monte Cristo" and I thought WOW, where has this man been hiding. When I looked at his IMDb site I saw all these other pictures that I had seen before, some that owned, and I thought, "I don't remember him in that."

    The pictures Jim has done says much about his own character. He is the type of person I will watch and buy his pictures forever; he brings so much to the screen.

    I wish Jim the best in the future to come, may God have His way in Jim's life.