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  • I wish he had been in other shows as well. He's good and I can't understand where they've been hiding him! So they've voted Bradley Cooper sexiest man alive??? Step aside Brad boy............James is the sexiest man alive!


    I sincerely hope they keep this show alive! Can't wait for Thursday nights now! I am so totally hooked it's not funny. First time in my life that I've ever gone onto a web site looking for photos/bio of a any actor in a series or anything else for that matter. I'm still trying to figure out what's happened to me! His look, his voice, put that together with his ability to make me feel that I am actually in the episode with him is spectacular. Usually it's only a great book that takes you someplace else.

    It doesn't hurt that he looks like he just fell off the pages of GQ Magazine either!

    Please people, if you hear it's being cancelled let me know so we can take up the cause to keep it!!