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James Clement, a gravedigger from Lafayette, Louisiana, is one of the 16 castaways who competed in SURVIVOR: CHINA and now is one of ten returning contestants for SURVIVOR: MICRONESIA - FANS VS. FAVORITES.


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  • James the big guy

    OMG, James is by far the biggest guy I've ever seen. Muscular, no tattoos and tall too. Plus he's a gravedigger. Though he was blindsided, afterwards, everyone looked so small and skinny. James made everyone bigger. Anyone would vote for James. I would, and my friends would if he was in the final tribal council. He's so popular and I've never seen someone work so hard in my life. The magazine profile of him was a stud. Even Amanda likes him. Though he left the game in Micronesia, I still think he's gorgeous. He also won the sprint reward back to back seasons.moreless
  • James is something else!

    That James is something else as he was on both the China and the Fans vs Favorites episodes of Survivor. He came off as low-key and kind of shy and quiet when we first came to know him in China. But then, he showed that he was athletic and really helped the team out despite those lowdowns on him. He made a dumb mistake in not playing both idols and that would be overshadowed by Erik in the FVF when he gave immunity away. James then won both $100K in both seasons. Though I wished that he didn't win it in the latter one. He came off a little more outgoing in the latter season than the first time we saw him.moreless