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  • American Rebel

    James Dean, the late star of his time. He was well known for playing troubled roles, and as a actor in the mid 50's he was one of the greatest. His movies like East of Eden and Rebel without a Cause made him the all time star. But had passed before he had got to live up to the name he had created for himself. How he had portrayed his characters in his roles is what made jim a star but his death is what made him a even bigger star. James Dean was not just a actor he was and will always be known as "The American Rebel".
  • It's james dean.

    James Dean even if his life was ended early her still made some great movies. My favorite would have to be "Rebel without a cause". I think that i like him playing a boy who doesn't fit in. In the movie he is dangerous and i think that is what i like about him. I think he commands the screen so well and he really gives it his all. He was a rebel in real life too so i though it was easy for him to portray the character. For me he will be the all time greats and of course more.
  • The Rebel With A Cause: His Screen Career

    There is no doubt that James Dean was one of the most talented actors of his generation, of any generation for that matter, but was he really the "Rebel Without A Cause"? I think not, I believe that the whole rebel persona that James Dean, so rightly performed on screen, was not the exact James Dean of the real world. He was just too poetic a soul to really put forth the emotional acrobatics of a true rebel-that role was already taken by Brando. Dean was too smart, and too crafty, to fall into the trap of trying to be a carbon copy of an original model. I believe, that had James Dean survived, we would have seen a much different person in the years that would have come. James Dean was adaptable and that would have kept him much more in the limelight than playing the same role for thirty or forty years. He would not have become a sterotype of himself, but would have evolved as the times and situation called for, that was the true power of a young man named James Dean.
  • He was one of the most talented people to hit the screen- big or small.

    Though I have never seen a full tv appearence of James, I know he was one of the most talented actors of our time. Some may think he was overrated and a bad role model, but I think he was nearly perfect in every role he played. He could play a troubled teen, and convict, and a cowboy to a "t".
  • jimmie

    He was and still is the best actor I have ecer saw playing !!! He\'s so talented. He\'s indeed taken from us to soon because he could show us a lott of things that he was so briliant in. He could make some insame great movies and a lott more...
  • H was tken from us to soon

    James dean was a icon of misunderstood young americans and a top hunk to all young girls.H was taken from us a such a young age,24 years old,and for what.
    He liked it in the fast lane and a cowboy image I am very intrested in James and he is the best actor ever.