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  • Kefi me

    James Denton has made all of America wish for faulty pipes due to his role as the world\'s sexiest plumber, Mike Delfino, on ABC\'s smash hit, Desperate Housewives. Along with the rest of the cast, Denton was honored with the 2005 SAG Award for Best Ensemble in a Comedy.

    A native of Nashville, Denton has been one of Hollywood\'s busiest actors since he hit town with a training background that has launched many performers into stardom -- a solid body of respected work in the Chicago theatre.

    Originally attending college on a basketball scholarship, Denton wasn\'t bitten by the acting bug until he was 20. He landed the role of George Gibbs in a Nashville production of Our Town, got fine reviews, but thought there was a more solid career in selling advertising. He did that in Tennessee and then in North Carolina for four years, before taking off for Chicago to risk everything to become a professional actor.

    He was soon accepted as one of the town\'s brightest and busiest actors. After earning a key casting when the Untouchables series came to town to film, Denton was drawn to Los Angeles, where his strong theatre reputation had preceded him, and he was quickly locked in with choice turns in film, on TV and on stage.
  • hot! hot! hot! and Hot

    This is my celebrity crush right here. He is such a good actor,and his gorgeous!! I think his the best actor to. I mean he is 2 in 1. He is great in desprate housewives. I think he should get a little bit of a bigger part though. I really like him.
  • Such a good actor

    This guy is one of the best actors I've ever seen. And the fact that he is gorgeous does help. This guy needs more attention come lets put him in some really good roles like another Pretender movie lol. But all fun aside he has major talent. James Denton is SEXY!
  • s

    Not as handsome as Tom Welling, but for an older guy is definitely a head turner. Great on Desperate Housewives and brings his character to life and makes the viewer wonder what else he is hiding. Gruffy looking, but definitely the hottest guy on ABC's popular prime time soap- Desperate Housewives.