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James Doohan


James Doohan Fan Reviews (6)

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  • Jimmy Doohan was the BEST!

    I have been a Star Trek fan for over 20 years and I have to say that Scotty is my all time favorite character. I have been to several conventions and I had the honor of attending 2 that Jimmy was the main guest. He had a way with the fans. He was personable and could tell great stories. As the years passed Jimmy never seemed to stop doing conventions and talking and giving autographs to fans. He was an outstanding actor and a great person. Jimmy will be missed.
  • It's a shame to hear about James Doohan

    That's too bad to hear about the passing of James Doohan. Alzheimers is such a sad way to go. My regards to his family who stood by him during the painful years in which he succumbed to that horrible disease. May God bless you and help you to cope through this hard time.
  • james doohan was the best there every where

    james was smart and sweet and funny and he did his best at everything he tried and he was so sweet to everyone he every meet when he walked into a room everyone smiles because he made everyone happy and when he died everyone who watches star trek cried i know i did and he mad everyone laugh when the work with him or talk with him and his the way he talk was hot and cool we all miss him and we all love him he is so sweet and loveable and eveyone loved that about him and want to talk to him forevey

    we all love you james and we all miss you scotty we will forever
  • We've lost a great man!

    Jamse doohan, a great canadian, a war veteran and a great actor, this is what I will remember from him. He was funny and only did great thing in his life!. We're all remembering him as Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery "Scotty" Scott in Star Trek and it's is biggest role, even if he was in a few documentary later in his life. It's a big lsot for the television industry and a big lost for me as a canadian. I think this man wa representing the better in all of us. We miss you Mr. Scotty ans we will never forget you!
  • We are slowly losing our cast.

    I have been a Star Trek fan since I was 6 years old. I often frequented Star Trek conventions and Jimmy was always kind and understanding to his adoring fans. And Trekkies can get a bit weird. I remember one convention that was held in a small hotel room in NYC. There were about 30 of us that attended just to see "Scotty". We sat around in a circle and talked and laughed for hours. Then Jimmy sang Irish love songs to us. He was a fine and gentle man that will be greatly missed and always loved.

  • A tradjic loss.

    When i found out on the 23rd of July that James Doohan passed away, i was heart broken. I've been a Star trek fan ever since i was born, And my favourate 4 characters in order are, Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Brent Spiner and James Doohan. I still can't get over it but what compforts me is to know he was happy, some of his remains will be released into space around September like he wanted, his star on the walk of fame and all the tributes on
    James Doohan died of pneumonia and Alzheimer's disease at his home in Washington.
    And the last thing i can say is 'Beam me up Scotty'