James E. Reilly

James E. Reilly


7/15/1948, Bountiful, Utah, USA



Birth Name

James E. Reilly



Also Known As

Jim Reilly
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James E. Reilly was an American soap opera writer, who begun his career in daytime in 1984, as an associate head writer for CBS's serial "Capitol," and then moved on to briefly serve in the same position on "Ryan's Hope." In 1985, he joined the crew of "General…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • One horrible writer!!!

    This man has no talent when to comes to writing scripts for television shows. He hates the characters that he creates by continually have the other characters in the show rag on them when they are put in situations that are caused by their enimies. He also enjoys using distgusting and/or controverial storylines that are not believable. He continually uses recycled storylines on his soap operas thinking that no one would catch on. Reilly should really go to school and take some writing classes to learn how to have the viewers of the shows he writes for not shake their heads in disgust at his stupidity! I am VERY suprised that NBC has not fired him for his awful writing on Days of Our Lives and Passions.moreless
  • Give him a break already!

    Get off of JER's back! He's not pretentious; his stories are fun and entertaining. What has he done that has ruined "Days of our Lives" and "Passions"? The latter is probably the best soap that's come along since, uh, well, the former, and it's because of this man. JER writes both of these shows day after day, week after week, and it's not fair to hate him when he has given so much energy toward making these shows entertaining.moreless