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  • One horrible writer!!!

    This man has no talent when to comes to writing scripts for television shows. He hates the characters that he creates by continually have the other characters in the show rag on them when they are put in situations that are caused by their enimies. He also enjoys using distgusting and/or controverial storylines that are not believable. He continually uses recycled storylines on his soap operas thinking that no one would catch on. Reilly should really go to school and take some writing classes to learn how to have the viewers of the shows he writes for not shake their heads in disgust at his stupidity! I am VERY suprised that NBC has not fired him for his awful writing on Days of Our Lives and Passions.
  • Give him a break already!

    Get off of JER's back! He's not pretentious; his stories are fun and entertaining. What has he done that has ruined "Days of our Lives" and "Passions"? The latter is probably the best soap that's come along since, uh, well, the former, and it's because of this man. JER writes both of these shows day after day, week after week, and it's not fair to hate him when he has given so much energy toward making these shows entertaining.
  • That fat, sick, perverted bucket of lard has ruined Days and made Passions a joke.

    That fat, sick, perverted bucket of lard has ruined Days and made Passions a joke. I used to be an avid watcher of both, but not anymore. James gets off on rape, incest, infanticide, and his stoylines NEVER get resolved. Rot you talentless obese LOSER. Passions needs a new writer.

    I have nothing more to add but:

    NBC - PLEASE get a new writer for these soaps. JERk is hated by those who love the actors of Passions and what could be. He is a talentless hack, and lots of us are boycotting until the storylines improve or fire James.
  • When I first saw Passions I was excited about the show. My favorite character is Theresa. When Fox was brought to the show I fell in love with Therox, Theresa and Fox. Lindsey and Justin are amazing and they would bring the ratings of this show up.

    James Riley. You want your show to be something that people want to watch. Stop feeding what little fans you have left garbage. Listen to them and do what they want. They want Gwen to be exposed for all the crap that she has done. They want Rebecca and Gwen brought down. They want Gwen to have to give Jane back to Theresa. They want Theresa and Fox back together. They want Theresa to stop listenting to all of Ethan\'s crap. Notice a pattern here. We want Theresa happy. We are Lindsey fans. She is the best and we want her to be happy. We want Justin to stay only if your are putting Therox back together. You can\'t keep writting this garbage and expect us to want to watch. A wise man once said it best when he said that the people who do a show are working for one group of people and that is the FANS! Please stop feeding us bull, and get some real writting in here. Maybe then you will have a show. Give Theresa what she deserves, her children, and her marriage to Fox. That is what we want and we want Gwen brought down and hard!
  • J. Reilly is definitely an amazing man. He constantly awes me in his ability to make so many people rant over his show day by day, 24-7, yet watch it so religiously. Way to go! I personally love Passions for it has great drama, great couples and great pot

    Passions, is, not for nothing, one of the most talked-of shows in daytime. Not only it keeps readers always interested - as seen by the passion of previous reviews, no pun intended - but it glues them to the pc screen for an unnatural number of hours!

    Thank you for this wonderful show J.E.R. You're the only daytime writer I know of who has such a huge effect on people. Keep it up! As they always say, even bad press is good press.

  • A child writing upside down and backwards could create a better TV show!

    I\'ve watched JER destroy not one, but two tv shows. The man is a talentless hack who reuses storylines over and over again. He thinks the world of himself and delivers death by pen to anyone who thinks otherwise. He believes his stories are \"king\" and yet the only royal thing about them is how much they eptomize the meaning of trash, garbage and utter filth. This man believes rape, incest and messing around with good and evil is the making for daytimes finest! HA! It\'s a joke. Look at the ratings of Passions and tell me that people love his work. The only reason Days of Our Lives is where it\'s at is because of long time faithful viewers who were watching before this hack took over. I\'m sure they are waiting for NBC to fire him from his position and hire someone who loves the show, it\'s actors and it\'s AUDIENCE enough to respect them and do right by them.

    Innovative daytime soaper right my left foot. You\'d find better writers for these two soap operas by searching through online fanfic. Those people are writers. Those people deserve a chance. Daytime often reguritates it\'s writers from one show to another. It\'s time for fresh blood for Days of Our Lives and Passions. FIRE this man if you want to save your two soaps!
  • He writes for the two most horrible daytime show, Days of Our Lives and Passions.

    He makes me sick. He is a misogynistic, psychotic, un-gentleman. He has ruined two very good shows, displays rape almost daily, and has degraded women in an attempt to create what HE wants to see. Unfortunately, what HE wants to see is NOT what I want to see.

    If he is writing for an audience of rapists, psychopaths, people with incestuous tendencies, and murders who hate women, then he's doing a good job. Otherwise, he is a waste of air, and I'm disappointed in him, NBC, and the advertiser's for condoning such disgusting behaviors.
  • Reilly has managed to single-handedly ruin a once amazing show.

    This man has ruined every single couple/character. Not to mention, I\'m sick and tired of his recycled storylines, bringing in useless characters, silly plot devices, his lack of knowledge on characters\' history or even the history of the show.

    I long for the DAYS of old. When stories were driven by characters (not silly gimmicks). When we didn\'t have constant flashbacks, reruns of scenes or ridiculous storylines that go absolutely no where. When you couldn\'t miss an episode. Where we had romance, action, adventure, mystery, excitement. Where we had amazing writing, storylines that actually made sense and plot-points that worked.
  • James E. Reilly is a horrible writer and he destroys everything he touches. There is a reason that his creation \"Passions\" is the lowest rated Soap Opera in daytime television, and now he is destroying the classic \"Days of Our Lives\".

    James E. Reilly is a man who believes that the audiences love storylines that take months to resolve. He doesn\'t listen to the fans, and he doesn\'t listen to the actors that play the characters. Right now, Days of Our Lives is dropping in the ratings because the fans refuse to watch the ridiculous storylines that he creates for the show. He has ruined every supercouple on the show by pairing them with who he sees fit, and he never resolves storylines, leaving them to become ignored plotholes. The fans of Days of Our Lives do not want this man writing for the show that we love, but the powers that be at NBC just don\'t seem to care. Hopefully, the ratings will continue to drop, and maybe Corday and Kaloria will wise up and fix this show. Until then, I\'m tuning out to James E. Reilly\'s horrible writing.