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  • One of the most recognized voices on the planet.

    James Earl Jones has one of the most recognized voices on the planet, He has played in a slew of movies from Field of Dreams to The sandlot and even providing voices for characters such as Mufasa from the Lion King, and Darth Vader from Star Wars.

    James' deep voice is easy to recognize when watching a movie where he provides the voice, and he does a superb job on all voices he plays, he gave the voice of Darth Vader kind of a spooky feeling with a commanding presence.

    James is one of America’s best actors.
  • I love his deep voice.

    James Earl Jones may be well known from his voice work in "Star Wars", but I first came across his acting in the baseball movie "Field of Dreams", in the character of Terrance Man. Having not been too familar with his acting before hand, I have to say that I was a fan of that performance, because the character he played was likeable in his own way. And even though I liked that performance, I must say that I like his voice work better, I loved him as Mufasa in the "Lion King" and as "Star Wars" own Darth Vader. I hope that he continues on in his great acting roles, be it as a voice actor in animated movies, or in live-action movies.