James Eas Yun

James Eas Yun


5/13/1981, Hollywood, California, U.S.A.

Birth Name

James Eas Yun



Also Known As

Yang, Apeman, Jimmy Jun, James Yang, Yun Yang, James Yun, Jimmy Yang, Jimmy Wang Yang, Akio
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James Eas Yun billed as Akio came to SmackDown! to join Tajiri's side. When Tajiri was drafted to RAW, it opened a major opportunity for Akio to become a factor in the hunt for the Cruiserweight Championship. Little is known about Akio, with the exception being that he…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He met Diamond Dallas Page as a kid during Halloween. He lived in the same neighborhood as him. He ended up getting trained by Dimaond Dallas Page when he was old enough to wrestle.

    • On the Smackdown 7/20/07 battle royal for the title he was one of the last 6 guys left until Hornswaggle eliminated him.

    • In December 2006, Yang feuded with Gregory Helms over the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Yang challenged Helms for the Cruiserweight title and lost to him on Armageddon.

    • Sakoda was eventually released from WWE, Tajiri was traded to RAW and Yun was left on his own to become a lower card wrestler and Velocity mainstay.

    • He also aligned himself with Sakoda, forming the heel tag team Kyo Dai (Japanese for "brothers"), the henchmen of the actual Japanese wrestler Tajiri.

    • Yun was renamed Akio (a reference to legendary Japanese wrestler Mr. Saito).

    • He, along with the Japanese-American Ryan Sakoda, made their WWE debuts on October 19, 2003 at WWE No Mercy.

    • In September 2003, following a stellar match with Tommy Dreamer on Sunday Night Heat, Yun was signed to a three year developmental deal with the renamed World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

    • After his brief stint as a WWF developmental talent, Yun agreed to join All Japan Pro Wrestling where he wrestled as both a part of its tag team division and its singles junior heavyweight division.

    • In March 2001, the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) acquired Yun's contract and assigned him to the company's Heartland Wrestling Association developmental territory. With no plans to call him to the main roster, the WWF eventually released Yun.

    • He was originally a part of the Jung Dragons stable along with Jamie-San and Kaz Hayashi.

    • He was trained by Paul Orndorff and WCW Power Plant.

    • He was born in Hollywood and now resides in Phoenix Arizona.

    • He's 26 years old and was born on May 13, 1981.

    • In June 1999, Yun signed with World Championship Wrestling (WCW), making his WCW television debut in January 2000.

    • James Yun is 5'9" & weighs 205 lb

    • James Yun was resigned by the WWE as of September 2006 and billed as Jimmy Wang Yang as a "redneck cowboy."

    • Akio was released by the WWE in July 2005.

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