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  • Like a good wine, better every year

    I have to admit it, the first time I saw James was in the Hbo's hit "The Sopranos" and I immediately fell in love for that actor and his towering presence.

    He was the reason why I've become a great fan of that show and after that, I've started watching some other of his works.

    The way he portrais so different characters makes you completely forget that he's James Gandolfini, not Tony Soprano, Col. Winter, Eddie Poole and Big Dave. Why in 8mm you easily hate him and in The Man Who Wasn't There you even would be happy to see his character dead? Because he can really act. He's one of the few actors of our time who can really do his job, seriously.
  • great in many different ways

    he is so talented! i love him on the sopranos which is my favorite show. he is one talented man. my 3rd favortite actor. james gandolfini known for all of his great roles. i really love him as an hero to me. a true heroric actor with great heart in his work.
  • James Gandolfini is the greatest man alive.

    James "Jim" Gandolfini is the greatest man alive. He has the same birthday as me. He's overweight like me. He is of Italian descent which is my favorite ethnicity. He plays Tony Soprano in "The Sopranos", which was the first show I ever watched for mature audiences. It is also my second favorite show. He proves to be a very talented actor. I see a lot of similarities between him and myself. In other words, I sometimes think that I would grow up to be like him.
  • One of the all-time greats. An actor recluctant to play a role he was born for.

    No matter what he does in his career, no matter the roles played, no matter what else he does in entertainment he will forever be known for his role as "Tony Soprano". Never it seems do those so well admired for a particular role embrace that character, and their character of that role as do their fans. Non the less like it or not that is what you'll most likely be remembered for. James Gandolfini has played the character of "Tony Soprano" so well that it's hard if not impossible to imagine any other in that role. To this end it's a wonderful thing to make such a memorable mark in acting, yet understandable why actors fear being stereotyped, but the fact of the matter is could you see Robert Redford as "Tony Soprano". There isn't anything wrong with being able to give us that portrayal so convincingly, and he should be proud to know that like Marlon Brando's portrayal of "Don Vito Corleone" in "The Godfather" there is no one else able to match or exceed his performance in that role. Thank you Mr. Gandolfini for creating a character that will be remembered throughout time as one of TV's most memorable character's. And, that no matter what you do in the years to come your name and portrayal of "Tony Soprano" will reserve your work in the annuals of history as one of the greatest portrayals of a character. It's only entertainment, and thanks for entertaining us so well.
  • He is really one of the greatest actors ever!

    I think The Sopranos is a very good show, where he plays the role Tony Soprano. I can not imagine a better actor for this role as him. I must say he is a really talented actor, he should appear more in other tv shows or big time movies.
    I think he is one of the Italian Americans who gives the impression that all italians are some kinda connected to the organised crime and are gangsters.
    He has that great emanation that no one alse has. In some moments he looks nice and sweet, but in other dangerous and cruel, it is pretty interesting how he can change.
  • excellant actor.

    I have noticed him more and more in different movies and shows after I started to watch the sopranos. He is a great lead actor in this show. Since the "hiatus" of the show I am surprised not to see him anywhere, maybe that is how he wants it though.