James Garner

James Garner


4/7/1928, Norman, Oklahoma, USA



Birth Name

James Scott Bumgarner



Also Known As

James Bumgarner, Jim Garner, Jim Bumgarner
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To the viewing public James Garner is James Rockford, the aimiable, human, often smart, often cool, but not infallible detective of the American television series 'The Rockford Files". It is that role above any others that has established him as one of the most popular film and television…more


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    • James Garner: (after suffering a stroke) If you want to have fun, don't have a stroke.

    • James Garner: (describing his work with Julie Andrews) If I knew what chemistry was, I'd do it every time. There's a rhythm with certain people, and ours just clicks. She's the same old Julie.

    • James Garner: I got into the business to put a roof over my head. I wasn't looking for star status. I just wanted to keep working.

      James Garner: I came from Oklahoma. I was born and raised in the Depression. Now, you want to put some pressure on somebody, well, live through the Depression. In Oklahoma. In the dust. And then the flood followed...so studio executives don't bother me at all.

    • James Garner: Marriage is like the Army; everyone complains, but you'd be surprised at the large number of people who re-enlist.

    • James Garner: When I left Rockford in 1980 I decided I want to do films that have interesting characters, people with human emotions and feelings and I've been very fortunate to do that.

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    James Garner is great at playing the "scrounger" in the Great Escape. I think he should have kept playing more rugged roles in movies. I saw another movie starring him and Dorris Day. It was called the Thrill of it all. He just wasn't as good. He needs to play a tougher character to really show his true acting ability. But He stil isn't bad in other roles too.:)
  • The only complaint is that he doesn't work as much as he used to...get this guy back on TV!

    James Garner is one of my favorite actors, and the star of one of my favorite shows ("The Rockford Files"). He's an effortless performer, a guy who looks incredibly natural on screen and always turns in a good performance. Of course, he's best known for his TV work, but his film work is always good too.

    Maybe his success comes from the fact that he and his characters seem so relatable. Garner's men, whether they're Maverick or Rockford, are real people. He's not a he-man action star, but he's like a lot of us (or like a lot of us wish we'd be) - friendly, not the strongest or best looking guy but usually ready with a quip.

    I'd recommend (to any Garner fans who haven't seen it) "Twilight." In it, he plays an ex-cop/PI who's involved in a case Paul Newman's character is investigating. Not only is it a great piece for James Garner, but it's a very well-made modern day "film noir" and mystery.moreless