James Handy





New York, New York

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James Handy is a veteran American actor who has earned a reputation as an accomplished character actor in both television and film. Born in New York City, Handy has appeared in more than 80 films and television shows since he came into prominence in 1977. Among his most popular roles early in his career were in film where he was a supporting actor in the coming-of-age military film, Taps (1980) and the courtroom drama hit, The Verdict (1982). As his career progressed, Handy's performances on television helped introduce him to a new audience of fans in the 2000s. Most notably perhaps among his performances, was his role of Arthur Devlin of the hit television, Alias. His performance on the show was one of many that helped Alias earn a ranking of #35 on the British Empire Magazine list of the top 50 television shows of all-time. Handy would also go onto a prominent guest starring roles on the television shows, Profiler and West Wing later in his career.