James Harmon Brown




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James is an American soap opera writer, who has been working along as a duo with Barbara Esensten for over 20 years. They started working together on the prime-time drama "Dynasty." Then they went on to write for daytime, starting in 1992 as breakdown writers, a position that they kept until 1993. In 1994, they were hired as Head Writers of ABC's ailing drama "Loving," and they wrote a serial killer storyline that was considered to be the best storyline that the show ever had. The show ended in 1995. Barbara and James created the show's spin off "The City" and served as the head writers during the show's entire run from 1995 to 1997. In 1997, they returned to write for "Guiding Light" as the Head Writers until 2000. During that period, they wrote a rather controversial storyline where one of the characters was cloned. From 2000 to 2003 they were the Head Writers of "Port Charles," and during that period they turned the show into a sci-fi drama including vampires and other supernatural beings. During 2004-2005 they served as Script Editors for "One Life to Live," and in 2007 they had the same position on "Days of our Lives." As of July 2007, they are the Head Writers of "All My Children."