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James Hayter

James Hayter


4/23/1907, Lonuvla, India



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This information was taken directly from Britmovie. At a later date, I will modify this bio in my own words. "Born in India, raised in Scotland, James Hayter's jovial rotund appearance looked every inch a Dickens character come to life. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic…more


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  • I love watching James Hayter in all the old classic films such as Oliver

    I think that mainly is because I am bias as James is my great grandad and becuase i have never met him ( he died before i was born) i am intrigued and amazed!

    My mum, his first grandchild, always used to let me watch Oliver and used to tell me that it was my grandad and I always used to look through family albums and comment on the fact that he was in my favourite film but it never really sunk in how many films he was in until there was a big spread in our local paper in Hemel Hempstead about him that i decided to read up a lot more infmation on the Internet as well as books.

    I love the way he acts and expresses himself through his acting work and have watched many of his films and series partically Oliver, My Fair Lady and Robin Hood ( although all quite short appearances)