James Hyde

James Hyde


10/9/1962, Lancaster, Ohio, USA

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James Hyde


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James Hyde plays Sam Bennett, the gorgeous all-American and very well-respected Police Chief who has been happily married to his wife Grace for the last 25 years but who shares a long history and a son with his first love Ivy Winthrop. Born in Lancaster, Ohio, Hyde began…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • James loves playing sports, especially, basketball, baseball, and golf.

    • James is 6'1".

    • His wife is actress Sue-Ling Garcia Hyde and their son is James Moses.

    • James has been portraying Sam Bennett in Passions since 1999.

      James Hyde has a brand new poster and it's steaming up bedrooms across America. He's shirtless. Shot by photographer John Russo. If you want you can order it by going onto his web site.

      Besides that dance thing, James is also a talented singer. He recorded a demo with Elektra Records in the '90s.

      Back-up dancer for the '80s group Dead or Alive.

    • His previous career, Hyde joined the Army right after High School and trained to be a Field Medic. He was stationed in Hawaii and worked in a hospital.

    • James Hyde plays Sam Bennett, the square-jawed former Police Chief who has is trying to hold his family together with the seemingly authentic love and support of Ivy Winthrop. Although Grace, his wife of 25 years, suddenly and surprisingly left him, Sam is doing his best to overcome the challenges he and his family face.

    • James says "I've done nude scenes in the movies. You've got to feel comfortable with yourself or you're going to have a hard time in this business".

    • James has been in two movies. He is a featured player in "The Blackout", starring Matthew Modine, Dennis Hopper and Claudia Schiffer. "The Blackkout" was directed by Abel Ferrara and was shown at the Cannes Film Festival. It has not been distributed in the US yet.
      He is in "Let's Talk About Sex", portraying a character named Scott. "Let's Talk About Sex" is an independent film written, produced and directed by actress Troy Burg. "Let's Talk About Sex" was released September 11, 1998.

    • Another World saw James' test for "Sunset Beach" and offered him a contract while he was still being considered for SuBe.

    • James spent a year in Australia, then moved to London, modeling for Chadwick's and Select Men, respectfully.

    • James has his own band, and writes and sings what he calls "dance stuff." He has performed in clubs all over the world and has recorded a demo CD for Elektra Records.

    • James is a voracious reader.

    • James gets his musical ability from his mother, who was a country performer for many years.

    • He was a judge in the 2006 Miss USA Pageant.

  • Quotes

    • James: (about his character, Sam, on Passions) What I'm trying to do with this part (Sam) is set a great example for men. I can make this guy strong and also show him to be a guy who loves his wife, and his children, and make it kind of cool that people can do that.

  • James Hyde in the Dead Or Alive concert video "Rip It Up Live" he looks good.

    Loved James Hyde in the "Dead Or Alive" concert video "Rip It Up, live in Japan" Looks good in that g-string. :) Also appears in two of there music videos "Turn Around and Count to Ten" and Come Home With Me Baby" Lookin good James! Also very good work on Passions as well. I need to check out more of Passions and find out what the scoop is on James, check out any new looks he has going on. Okay, trying to make this go to 100 words, so i am just babbling here to make it. WOOHOO made it. Bye.moreless
  • Very gorgeous and talented

    I love James Hyde and have since he was Sam

    Bennett, one of the original cast members in the Passions

    Cast! Think he is not just handsome and drop dead handsome

    And gorgeous! But also one talented actor and seems to care

    A lot not just about his work. But also his co-stars

    As well as his fans! Which I love a lot that He doesn't foget the fans at all!