James L. Brooks

James L. Brooks


5/9/1940, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Birth Name

James Lawrence Brooks



Also Known As

James Brooks, James Hell Brooks, James L. "I'm Thinking of You Naked" Brooks, James L. 'What Isn't Scary?' Brooks, James 'You Have No Idea How Much You Frighten Me' Brooks, James 'Ha-Ha The Truth is Unknowable' Brooks, The Truth is Unknowable' Brooks James 'Ha-Ha, James 'Just One Hug' Brooks, Veins Hell Brooks, James 'Give Me Gluten!' Brooks, James 'Haha The Devil Bought Facebook' Brooks, Maims Hell Brooks, James 'Even More Dangerous Than He Looks' Brooks, James 'Bemused but Bloodthirsty' Brooks, James 'I'm Scared in Real Life' Brooks, Jim Brooks, James 'What's Grim About the Reaper?' Brooks, Chains Hell Brooks, James 'The Tooth Fairy Is a Criminal' Brooks, James 'Bemused But Bloodthirsty' Brooks, James 'Dangerous Though Cuddly' Brooks
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James L. Brooks was born on May 9, 1940 in Brooklyn, New York. Brooks grew up in North Bergen, New Jersey, and attended New York University. After dropping out of NYU, Brooks worked as an usher at CBS TV before getting a job writing for CBS news broadcasts.…more