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  • Trivia

    • In 2013, James won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Informational Series or Special in his work on Inside the Actors Studio.

    • James has been the head writer for many daytime dramas including, Another World, The Edge of Night, Guiding Light, and The Doctors. He was also nominated for an Emmy for his work on The Doctors.

    • James self-wrote the rap song he performed during his guest appearance on Da Ali G Show on March 14, 2003.

    • As of 2006, James Lipton lives in New York.

    • James is a licensed pilot.

    • James has received two Doctorates of Humane Letters, from Wayne State University in 2002, and Drexel University in 2005.

    • In 2005, James Lipton was nominated for the Non-Fiction Producer of the Year Award by the Producers Guild of Amercia.

    • In 2006, James starred in a number of humorous television commericals where he spoofs his show Inside The Actors Studio.

    • On one St. Patrick's Day James "shotgunned" a can of beer in celebration of Spring Break.

    • Writings of James have been published in such magazines as Newsweek, The New York Times Magazine and The Paris Review.

    • James can speak French and Latin.

    • James stands at 5 Feet 9 Inches or 1.75 millimeters.

    • James married Kedakai Turner in 1970 who is a former model and now a Vice-President of the Corcoran Real Estate Group, who has created illustrations for some of his books. They are still married today. They have had no children together.

    • James married Nina Foch in 1954. They divorced in 1959. They had no children together.

    • James has a strong disliking to the "N-Word" and has said he finds it to be the ugliest word in the English language.

    • A couple of James's favorite interviewees on Inside The Actor's Studio were Paul Newman, Meryl Streep, and Robin Williams.

    • When asked who he'd most like to interview, living or dead, James replied Judy Garland. Lipton had the opportunity to have Garland's daughter, Liza Minnelli as a guest.

  • Quotes

    • James Lipton: We still are now nothing more than a course. The show (Inside the Actors Studio) will continue to be a classroom, with the students as our audience, in a great institution.

    • James Lipton: The foundation for film acting is stage acting. The studio is meant to be always a place where, first of all, they can be out of spotlight, and second, where they could work with a peer group on parts that they might not have played otherwise.

    • James Lipton: I did get Tom Hanks to say, "Life is just a Box of Chocolates."

    • James Lipton: Geniuses always think it's easier than we make it out to be.

    • James Lipton: And I thought if I don't pre-interview, first of all, we couldn't afford it. But the second thing was it would force me to do my own research, which takes two weeks.