James Macandrew






Birth Name

James F. Macandrew




James F. Macandrew was a radio and television host and pioneer in educational broadcasting who helped build New York City's public radio and television systems.

Most educators then saw little potential in radio as a teaching aid. Mr. Macandrew differed and in 1938 became coordinator of broadcasting for the school systems "First Programs". Over the years, Mr. Macandrew also directed a teaching series, "The Living Blackboard," and moderated Camera Three, broadcast nationally by CBS.

James Macandrew once said, "If the airwaves can tempt us to laugh and to dance, they can also tempt as to think." On April 14, 1963 James F. Macandrew won the Governors Award of the New York Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

When he retired as director of broadcasting for the city's Board of Education and of its station WNYE-TV in 1971, James F. Macandrew won a special Emmy Award for 34 years in the vanguard of educational broadcasting.