James MacArthur

James MacArthur


12/8/1937, Los Angeles, California



Birth Name

James Gordon MacArthur



Also Known As

James Macarthur
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Born in 1937, James MacArthur has had a long and diverse performance career. The adopted son of legendary stage actress Helen Hayes and playwright Charles MacArthur, James began his career acting in plays, training in summer stock and playing characters in versions of The Corn is Green and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • James MacArthur is in the process of developing a one-man show about his life and career. He has tested the production at several sites near his home.

    • James MacArthur and Jack Lord were nominated for Coolest Crime Fighting Team at the TV Land Awards in 2006.

    • James MacArthur was nominated for a Laurel Award in 1963 as Top New Male Personality.

    • James MacArthur's first role on a radio program came about in 1948 when he appeared on the show, The Theater Guild Of America . The show was an anthology series that presented live plays to the listening audience.

    • James MacArthur was the godson of actress Lillian Gish.

    • James MacArthur attended the Allen Stevenson School in New York and the Solebury School in Pennsylvania. During his senior year at Solebury, MacArthur was captain of the basketball team, played football, edited the school newspaper, rewrote the school constitution, and was elected president of his class and the student government. MacArthur also found time to appear in the role of Scrooge in a local production of A Christmas Carol .

    • James MacArthur began his acting career in 1949 with appearances in summer stock productions.

    • James MacArthur was actually the second actor to play the role of Danny Williams on Hawaii Five-O . MacArthur took over the role after the original actor in the part was found to be unpopular with audiences viewing the pilot of the series.

    • James MacArthur has also worked as a set painter and lighting director in stage productions.

    • In 2003, James MacArthur and his long running series, Hawaii Five-O were honored by The Hawaii International Film Festival with the Film In Hawaii Award. This award comes from the people and the state of Hawaii.

    • James MacArthur co-directed a revival production of The Twentieth Century , a play co-authored by MacArthur's father, Charles MacArthur and writing partner Ben Hecht.

    • James MacArthur was awarded a "Sidewalk Star" in Palm Springs, California.

    • James MacArthur attended Harvard University, he studied History while a student there.

    • James MacArthur made his Broadway debut in 1960, opposite Jane Fonda, in the production of Invitation To A March. MacArthur received a Theater World Award for his work in this production.

    • James MacArthur was nominated in 1958 as Most Promising Newcomer at the BAFTA awards.

    • James MacArthur has been married three times. His first marriage was to Joyce Bulifant and lasted from 1958 to 1967. MacArthur's second marriage was to Melody Paterson and lasted from 1970-1975. His third marriages was to H.B. Duntz in 1984 and continues to the present. MacArthur has four children, Charles (named after James' father, Charles MacArthur) and Mary (named after James' sister, that died as a young woman) from his marriage to Joyce Bulifant, Jamie, a son from his marriage to D.B. Duntz, and Juliette, a daughter from a previous relationship.

  • Quotes

    • ( James MacArthur on directing a work co-written by his father, Charles MacArthur .)
      James MacArthur: I'm real happy to be doing this. I don't get a chance very often to go to work and hear my father's words.

  • My Dearest James, I have and will always love you till the end of time like I promised. I recently contacted Bruce and expressed a desire to say hello to you. love you 4ever Donna 419-260-1849moreless

    Boyish, funny, not ticklish, loves to drink Miller Lite in the AM. Will smoke Pakalolo anytime of the day or night. I wonder if he still does. never goes ANYWHERE without his golf clubs, even if he is not going to use them! Has great manners when you are with him. Long distance break-ups HURT alot STILL. Beautiful face...extremely intelligent..loves to share new places and things. I MISS HIM SO.....Please call..my health is not good...remember I had a disability a while back...well now it is complicated into other physical problems that has escalated over the years. It sure would be nice to hear your voice again,that is all I ask.



  • Great supporting actor and go to guy!

    He is the one where you can go for and

    Despite not being the star of Hawaii Five O, he

    Was the go to guy and he will always be remembered

    As Dan-0! I hear that he got along great with the

    Other actors unlike Jack Lord and that also he and Lord

    Clashed a lot. But still, he was a great actor and should had been a bigger star IMO!