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  • My Dearest James, I have and will always love you till the end of time like I promised. I recently contacted Bruce and expressed a desire to say hello to you. love you 4ever Donna 419-260-1849

    Boyish, funny, not ticklish, loves to drink Miller Lite in the AM. Will smoke Pakalolo anytime of the day or night. I wonder if he still does. never goes ANYWHERE without his golf clubs, even if he is not going to use them! Has great manners when you are with him. Long distance break-ups HURT alot STILL. Beautiful face...extremely intelligent..loves to share new places and things. I MISS HIM SO.....Please call..my health is not good...remember I had a disability a while back...well now it is complicated into other physical problems that has escalated over the years. It sure would be nice to hear your voice again,that is all I ask.
  • Great supporting actor and go to guy!

    He is the one where you can go for and
    Despite not being the star of Hawaii Five O, he
    Was the go to guy and he will always be remembered
    As Dan-0! I hear that he got along great with the
    Other actors unlike Jack Lord and that also he and Lord
    Clashed a lot. But still, he was a great actor and should had been a bigger star IMO!