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  • indescribable

    james wesley marsters only know him from buffy, angel , hawaii five-o , metal hurlant chronicles, smallville, without a trace , torchwood , supernatural his music and some samples of his audio books info on computer but really don't have to know him in person to know he's brilliant his family and his band and so

    on he's really put his feelings into his music he's put love in all his work for his fans. he and his family are like heroic angels that's all i can say at this point because as my title is here he is INDESCRIBABLE
  • Amazing and gorgeous

    I think James Marsters is quite an amazing actor, I actually think no one could have performed the gorgeous and badass spike just as him. I can't believe he's older than I thought, and I love him in the Wedon series. I can say he's my best actor on Earth. He's just so cool and brilliant.

    i hate this guy hes sooooooo UGLY how can anybody like him hes so bleh. in the end of buffy i was glad that he died i was like yay but my friend started crying (cuz she loves him but shes in denile about it) i hate how he sings his songs are soo boring. ok james marsters can be ok sometimes but most of the time i hate him. i just cant stand james marsters!
  • I fell in love with James watching Buffy and Angel, in fact if it had not been for Spike I would not have watched the last 4 years of Buffy. If he is in a movie or TV show I am going to watch if for no other reason than James is in it.

    I had seen the trailers for Dragonball Evolution and did not think I would like it, but went just to see James as Piccolo and was very surprised at how much I loved the movie. James brought Piccolo to life and I am looking forward to the next DB movie, already ordered my DVD. I have every movie James has been in except Cool Money and I can not find it anywhere. Loved him in Chance and Shadow Puppet and can't believe the BBC is only going to have 5 eps of Torchwood this year and Capt John is not going to be in it. Those two eps Capt John Hart were in were the best ones. James is just so much fun when he is a Big Bad. His readings of the audio books of The Dresden Files are amazing, with all his voices and accents he makes me forget it is just James and not a whole cast, but then a word or two will slip in sounding like Spike and I LOVE IT. He has great comic timing and oh so sexy as a lover. James Marsters is by far my favorite actor...ever.
  • The most amazing middle aged actor on TV.

    You'd never even know his real age, this man has such charisma, such passion for his craft. I first noticed him as the wonderful Spike on the last season of Angel. I then went back to the beginning of Buffy, and glimpsed him at his greatness as the badass vampire. As he gradually became a part of the team, you could see how he developed a rapport with each character, each actor/actress. He has this unique ability to make himself...available to every kind of person.

    On Torchwood, he was just as good. Did the same thing there with each of those characters, but it was still original.

    I also now own his old band's CD, Ghost of the Robot's Mad Brilliant, and it really is so. His solo music is almost as great.

    This man honestly needs to go into more mainstream projects. Getting on Smallville, such a talked about show, is a start, but he needs to get parts in movies, not just straight to DVD releases.He has such an amazing, rare talent, it needs to be seen by everyone, so he can inspire more people.
  • Great actor; loved him on Buffy.

    He did such a great job on Buffy! I don't think anyone could have done better. His English accent is so realistic that he sounds odd talking normally to me. He also sang great in Once More, With Feeling. While I like Angel and Buffy way more, James Marster's portrayal of Spike made me feel for him so much. I wish he was in more movies! It's too bad Buffy ended. It's also too bad that a Spike movie was never made, because I think that a lot of people would see a movie with him in it as there are a lot of fans.
  • James is so my favorite actor. I think he is a classic bad boy that looks so so good.

    No one on God's green earth could pull off bleach blonde hair, tight black pants, and a leather trench coat quite as well as he. Instead of Angel getting his own show, it should have been spike all the way. And that voice of his makes my insides absolutely melt every single time he utters a word. The only thing I feel he is lacking is more more more of himself on the television screen. I just can't get enough! I watch buffy all the time, but I want to see what other big roles he can play! So in conclusion I just want to say.....GIVE ME MORE, and move over buffy, I feel like demolishing a building while getting dirty with SPIKE!!!!!
  • James Marsters is fabulously brilliant.

    I fell in love with James after his appearance as Spike on Joss Whedon's 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' I continued to love him when he moved to Whedon's 'Angel.' I went out of my way to rent 'Shadowpuppets' when it was released. It was a horrible movie, but James did an amazing job. He's completely talented and even his voice work is amazing. If one has not listened to Jim Butcher's 'Dresden Files' one should. James is Harry Dresden. He takes the role just as seriously and it shows. The point I'm trying to make is; James Marsters is an extremely talented actor.
  • James Marsters is just Bloody Brilliant!!

    First of I have to say that James Marsters is a brilliant actor. I just Love Love Love him as Spike. This guy, I just can't believe he doesn't have is his own show yet. He was able to turn a character who was soulless and just plain evil into a guy you can sympathize with. He has done almost 7 seasons of Buffy/Angel. And in all those seasons he was the character for me who stole the show. That guy has charisma. I can't name any other person in the world who can still look that sexy with dyed blond hair. And now on Smallville again as Milton Fine AKA brianiac he is just brilliant. He can make you believe that he is a computer. And although he is getting older and he is not that sexy anymore (in my eyes anyway) he remains a great actor. How crazy is that. And for the life of me I can NOT understand why he doesn't have his own show yet!.
  • Spike...

    Spike was a great name for his character in both Angel and Buff the Vampire Slayer. He is a very handsome and beautiful human being. His parts have veried and yet the part has stayed the same and I am glad that he came back in Angel becuase that is a part that needed to return. He is an interesting part and boy did Buffy like him after Angel. But, either way he is a great actor and I loved the Angel episodes that he was starring in I get to watch those in the morning. So in short I like him because he is talented and CUTE.
  • William the Bloody, Spike.

    Over his years on Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel James did a lot with the character of Spike. He started out as the big bad, an evil villain with a wicked yen to kill our favorite little blonde vampire slayer. He made a great memorable villain, so much so that his character who was originally slated to die was eventually brought back as a main cast member. He become a pivotal character not only falling for Buffy and earning back his soul like another vampire we all know. It takes a talented actor to play a character who goes through that much growth and change.
  • My favorite TV person, but mainly as Spike "William the Bloody".

    I`m totaly in Love with Spike, and everyone who knows me knows that. It really sucks that the Spike show\ movie is probably never going to happen, but I really which it would! Im really glad that they made him the good guy after a while, but he`s still bad and thats what we like about him. ;) I never get tired to hearing that britich accent, watching those blue eyes and that bleached blond hair. The charecter made me look twise on Billy Idol now, since its him Spike is based on. I`m never going to get tired of Spike, he`s forever in my heart.
  • James Marsters is a mega Hottie and very talented. His versatility is apparent through his different roles and he is just amazing.

    Before I got o to watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer I had no idea who he was but now I'll never look back. He isa very talented and versatile actor as apparent in is roles in Buffy as Spike (William the bloody) and as the same character in the Buffy spin-off, Angel, in Torchwood and in Smallville. His amazing body and boyish good looks, voice and guitar playing ability have made him a favourite of mine. His ability to form such a likable character is amazing, even when the character is evil and you shouldn't like him, you still find yourself drawn to him which is a rare talent but one he does possess.
    I love him to death-
    Aisha Kellaway
  • This man has it all! Great talent and he is HOT!!

    When I started watching Buffy, I thought it was an ok show and I enjoyed it. But when Spike came on the screen, I became absoultey obsessed. I have continued to be obsessed with him long after the show has ended. And eventhough he isn't British or have blonde hair anymore, he is still the hottest actor out there. I wish he would get his own show, or at the very least get a decent part on a good show. He is vastly underrated. Oh, and his music is great, as well. I can't think of anything I don't love about this man.
  • Best tv-serie villain EVER! The number 1 Vamp all time.

    One of my friend made me watch the Buffy serie because I wanted him to watch Stargate SG-1. Well....the first 4 seasons was kind of a drag but as soon as THIS guy came on I alomst became giddy...*pause for self reflect*...hehe

    I must say he was perfect in this role. I can't recall a moment of disappointment with him on the screen and it doesn't surprise me that they kept him in the cast instead of killin him of after 3-5 episodes as it was first intended to be done. He has an awesome range of acting skill and I would SO like, as I've seen others comment on, see him in a show of his own or teamed up in a co-lead....well actually the later so he has someone to play off and build a working well know relation with. Cause this guy is at his best in his way of delivering cool lines in the face of other actors :)
  • I would so watch a show centered around James Marsters.

    I have loved watching James since I first saw him on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He is awesome at what he does. I mean who else can take a vampire that everyone is supposed to dispise and make everyone love him. Even when he was on Angel he was amazing. I even watched him on Smallville and I hate that show. I recently saw him on Without a Trace and it just made me love him even more. I mean he can play just about any character. I was afraid that after Buffy and Angel that he would be type cast a creature of the night. But I am so glad that that is not happening. I hope to one day see him with his own show. I would so watch.
  • A really GREAT GUY.

    i first saw james marsters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and just loved him.He played that character so awesome Spike was hilarious.He is also very cute so thats a plus.I love hearing him talk in real life too because he is rerally funny and knows how to entertain in interviews.So when his character died on Buffy and he reappered on Angel i was so happy he lightened up the show a liitle bit while Cordelia was in her coma.i laughed so hard in his scenes playing Spike.Then he goes to another one of my fav shows Smallville and ws looking a liitle bit different without his blonde hair but still had the "it" factor in his acting when he played Dr.Fine.I hope to se his cute face in more things to come.
  • One of my favorite actors who so desperatley needs his own show. ( one where he has his shirt off alot)!!

    I absolutley loved James Marsters. Mainly for his role as Spike on Buffy the Vampire, but for others such as Dr. Milton Fine on Smallville, or the Cameraman in House on Haunted Hill. He must have done something right because Joss was origanally going to kill him off Buffy until the fan ratings came in!

    I love how he can be so diverse in character. He was hilarious in House on Haunted Hill, even though he had like 3 lines. His accent was amazing on Buffy, and I would have bet ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that it was 100% real, and he came from England. I can watch him for hours at a time! When he is a character he gets really into it, and you can't help but love him for it.

    I LOVE him ( yes I know I sound obsessed!) I love his scar on his eyebrow, his beautiful piercing blue eyes, his amazing cheek bones, his voice, his singing, his hair (whichever way he does it), his acting, his personality, and of course HIS ABS!! I mean can they get any better??!!
  • This review is about James Marsters and how much of a bad ass actor he is.

    This dude is just fantastic the way he plays Spike in Buffy The Vampire Slayer speaks for itself for a start the accent and movement James Marsters is completely different to him vocally and movement wise im sure though that James Marsters will never shine as much as he as on Buffy.Because that will always be the best character he as played I think it was a mistake to go on Smallville because I feel that Smallville is good but doesnt even compare to Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Angel for that matter anyway Iwill look forward to seen him in something different to so other aspects of his acting.
  • amazinggg.

    James is just such an addicting person. He has this weird coolness to him that makes him so great. His accent is very nice. James is great as spike on buffy and angel. He makes up an importnat part of these shows. He is so cute when he is lovesick with buffy. James is a great actor and has many talents. James also has an increddible singing voice andI love listening to him. At first I didnt like him but he has grown on me so fondly and I really like him a lot. He definately deserves a show.
  • empty

    Spike is evil, well he is, but he ends up being a huge role in the Last Season of Angel. He comes and goes and he pleases. And is eventually capable of fighting, He had played on Buffy and now was with Angel. James Marsters I believe deserves his own show because he played Spike so well, I give him a 9.6 out of 10.
  • what cant he do

    well what is there to day he can act he can sing and he is so sexy it is so great to have him back on a show I loved him on buffy and now he is on smallville and he has the coolest voice he was great on angel but it is also great to see him in a new part besides spike but he i would watch him no matter what he did I love to look at him and watch him and here him sing talk what ever he does he is so the man !!!!!!
  • I near died when I found out he wasn't British

    Like woah that accent is good. I give him Bounty points for that

    I really like how he portrayed spike's love for buffy, in buffy the vampire slayer. It made my heart jump every time they had a scene together, even the sex scenes.

    I want him back on my television though cause Im having withdrawl symptons. And yeah I a bit in Angel but I want him somewhere else. On another show maybe?

    I think he could wonders with his own show. Spike the vampire slayer. Hm That would rock.

    I like him far better than Angel. He has more love and more passion. Plus he's alot more interesting to watch!!
  • I think James Marsters is the best character on the show. I love how hes always mysteriouse and that british accent. He shows in the movie that he has what it takes to be the best actor in my book.

    When I think off whos my favorite actor of all time I think of James Marsters. The series something blue is my favorite because its a change of attitude for Spike in the movie.In all the series that spikes in are all my favorite hes a good actor and a handsome guy. Alot of my friends say im obsessed but im not I just think spike shows more feeling than anyone in the movie. I mean sometimes in the series he might be mean. Other times hes nice and loving. I just think Spike is asome and a great actor.
  • Very hot actor.A great actor.

    He is a very great actor and singer.He is hot.He was great on Buffy the Vampire slayer and Angel.He fit the part.He knows how to play a vampire really well.Can't wait to see him on tv again.He also played on Smallville very good.Hopefully if Buffy the Vampire slayer comes back he will come back too.He was a great singer on the episode of Buffy the Vampire slayer(once more with feeling).He sang really well.He is very well liked by everybody.He must get a lot of fan mail.I wish I could meet him.I am sure there are a lot of people would like to meet him.
  • apsolutly love him!!!!!!!

    james marsters is a multi talented person and is completly goreous i don't know how anyone couldn't love him. amyway, he has appeared in many programs in his life and also had a band called ghost of the robot. they had many songs made such as "macdonalds girl", "dangerous" so on and so forth. ghost of the robot is no longer with us. it looks like they became a ghost themselves. they broke up because james wanted to persue a solo career and has released an album called civilised man.
    james has also appeared in shows like smallville, millenium. but he is most remembered for his role as "spike" on buffy the vampire slayer and angel. he worked on buffy for about 5 seasons and a few episodes and did i few guest apperiences on angel untill season 5 and became a full member of the cast for the last series.
    and is currently releasing a movie called "shadow puppets" and one in the making called " ps i love you" and is co staring with hillary swank.
  • James Marsters is one of the most superb actors I have ever had the pleasure of watching on tv.

    The way he took on the role of Spike in Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel and made it his own was fabulous, its really not suprising that he is the most loved tv character around. He was so funny that by Season Four of BTVS I was a true fan and loved every scene he was in. His permormance as professor Fine in Smallville was suprising too, after watching him as 'Spike' for 7 years, I was sure that I would not be able to get that character out of my head whilst watching Smallville but remarkly all memories of the lovable Spike vanished after seeing a few performances as professor fine, he played the charcater so well it was easy to view him as 'the bad guy' once again and truly hate the character as we were meant to.

    All in all I would say James Marsters has to be my favorite actor of all time and I really hope to see him in many more things preferbly with a starring role. e.g a Spike Movie or spin-off.
  • Best known for his role as Spike in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, this actor played an English man so well,that it's hard to imagine him speaking with an American accent. Multi talented,he was part of a band called Ghost Of The Robot until recently.

    James Marsters is one of my favourite actors, he can be so funny, and yet so serious as well. As Spike he was sexy, tough and so funny. Originally, Marsters was only supposed to be in just a few episodes but due to popular demand, he was asked to stay, and ended up not only staying to the end, but then moved over to Angel to continue his role as Spike in L.A. Watching his character develope was one of the best parts of Buffy in the later episodes...in Season 5 it was his reaction to the death of Buffy that brought me to tears, not her actual death itself. His on screen dynamics with all the cast made him so much a part of the show, it seemed strange to watch an episode without him making an appearance. There are so many highlights in his Buffy career (one of my favourites is in Season 4 "Doomed" when he puts on a pathetic American accent, when he is actually American!), I look forward to seeing him in Smallville (it hasn't gotten to his episodes here in Australia) and any further roles for him.
  • the role he is famous for his Spike the brittish vampire.

    He should have his own show. he rocks! everyone under rates him but he is a great actor. He brought so much to Buffy. He was always so funny. and boy is he hot! I think they should give him his ownn show. Even though his character was evil on smallvile i was so mad when they killed his charcater. He can play any rolw which says he is a GREAT actor. A lot of people don't like him as much as David but I think he is a beter actor! I hope to see him staring in a movie or show soon!

    He is the reason i started to watch BTVS. The first episode i saw he was there with his incredibly perfect body and hair. I looked at his hair and i said ''What's that?'' and i started to watch:D He has a great voice. He sings marvellous.
    He's very talented IMO. I love him so much i think he's a great guy. When he died in BTVS (ok his character Spike died but that was him anyway) i cried badly. I knew he was gonna be in the Angel so i was so happy to see him again on the TV. I couldn't watch Chance and Cool Money and I'm terribly sorry about it :(
    He's gorgeous and one of my fav. actors.
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