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  • I fell in love with James watching Buffy and Angel, in fact if it had not been for Spike I would not have watched the last 4 years of Buffy. If he is in a movie or TV show I am going to watch if for no other reason than James is in it.

    I had seen the trailers for Dragonball Evolution and did not think I would like it, but went just to see James as Piccolo and was very surprised at how much I loved the movie. James brought Piccolo to life and I am looking forward to the next DB movie, already ordered my DVD. I have every movie James has been in except Cool Money and I can not find it anywhere. Loved him in Chance and Shadow Puppet and can't believe the BBC is only going to have 5 eps of Torchwood this year and Capt John is not going to be in it. Those two eps Capt John Hart were in were the best ones. James is just so much fun when he is a Big Bad. His readings of the audio books of The Dresden Files are amazing, with all his voices and accents he makes me forget it is just James and not a whole cast, but then a word or two will slip in sounding like Spike and I LOVE IT. He has great comic timing and oh so sexy as a lover. James Marsters is by far my favorite actor...ever.