James McDaniel

James McDaniel


3/25/1958, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

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James McDaniel


  • James McDaniel as Sergeant Jesse Longfor...
  • James McDaniel on Detroit 1-8-7.
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James McDaniel attended the University of Pennsylvania, but left to work in theatre, film and television, in New York City. He earned a coveted spot in A Soldiers Play, but was not cast in the movie which followed. Coincidentally, he both starred in the off and broadway productions…more


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  • This acclaimed and award-winning actor has been featured in memorable films, such as Malcolm X, and numerous television shows.

    He is perhaps best known as Lt. Arthur Fancy in the long running series, N.Y.P.D. Blue. In that show, he had frequent confrontations with the main character, Andy Sipowicz. I must admit, I am not a huge fan of the series, Detroit 1-8-7, but watch it from time to time just to see James McDaniels' portrayal of Sgt. Longford. He adds something to the series, a cohesiveness and calm which is sometimes needed on a show with a large ensemble cast. As I watch it, I am reminded of the best episodes of N.Y.P.D. Blue, many of which included Lt. Fancy. Detroit 1-8-7, in my opinion, could stand to lose a few characters which are like "dead weight" in some of the episodes. If they feature Sgt. Longford often, and continue to showcase the stronger character actors in the program - the series has a chance of becoming one of the better shows on television.moreless