James McEachin





5/20/1930 , Rennert, North Carolina

Birth Name




James McEachin was born on May 20, 1930 in Rennert, North Carolina. After winning several medals for his bravery in the US Armed Forces, McEachin eventually stepped into the entertainment industry. He became a record producer and later an actor, and an award-winning author. As a music producer, he groomed the talent of young artists like Otis Redding. In the 1960s, McEachin acted in several series which include Hawaii Five-O, Rockford Files and Mannix. As a writer, he received international fame for his book Farewell to the Mockingbirds, for which he won the 1998 Benjamin Franklin Award. Some of his other well-known books include The Heroin Factor, Say Goodnight to the Boys in Blue and The Great Canis Lupus. In 2005, he also received an award for his audio book Voices: A Tribute to the American Veteran. As a director, he made his debut with Old Glory in 2006. In 2008, McEachin launched his one-man play, Above the Call; Beyond the Duty at the John F. Kennedy Center, Washington.