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James Molina

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James A. Molina
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  • In my opinion, he was cool on Veronica Mars as well a few of the other shows I've spotted him in.

    I think it's his right to want to be a star but if someone is in the business for the sole purpose of becoming famous, then that isn't a very good attitude to have towards the art itself. I hope he continues to perfect his craft and continues to grow as well. No intention of insult nor offense, just being honest. After all, this IS just one woman's opinion right?

    I wish him more success though. :o)

  • "I dont want to be an actor, i want to be a star" said James Arthur Molina. His words stuck with me.Not only knowing him but being his girlfriend, ive learned how hard upcomming actors or actors in general have to work. The struggle is never ending, tmoreless

    I met him outside our acting school, Macker Entertainment. He was sitting on the floor with his back resting on the wall, and me, I was practicing my cat walk down the runway for my modeling class, when I looked over at him and fell head over heals, not literally, but practically. Now it’s been five months, (Smile). I am very proud of what James has accomplished. He gives 110% when he’s on the set or on the stage, and I am 110% behind him on everything he does. This review is not only for the talented actor James Molina, but also for the man he is. To let him know I am his number one fan, at work and at home. He did a great job on his last recurring role on Veronica Mars, as Thumper, and lookout for him on an upcoming episode of The Shield.

    Happy Birthday my love!

    Written: 3/7/06