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    We were all looking for someone to take over the job that had been taken away from Tony Almedia once season 4 began and when Erin Driscoll failed to provide any sort of entertainment I thought that James stepped up to play the role of Bill Buchannan to perfection in every single way. I loved all of his scenes at CTU when Jack was in the field and thought his onscreen connection with Keifer was very good. He had a way about presenting himself as aggressive when he needed to be and passive when he needed to be. Part of that could be given to the writer crew for that, but the actor still has to make it all come to life and James did it better then a lot of CTU directors. Looking back, Erin is the only flat fall that simply didnt work out.
  • What a great guy!

    He not only has had many challenges in his life he had to face to be where he is now but he is a great actor as well. As his most famous role in 24 he captivates people and gets their attention when he speaks. He is one of the best actors because his part is such a hard part to play because he is such a direct and strong character so not anyone could play his part! He is just a great actor and I love seeing him on 24. 24 is just filled with great actors and people who fit the parts/ can be the parts perfect! I hope he can get some new parts so i can see more of him on the TV.
  • solid performer

    James Morrison always give a solid, realistic performance in everything he does. He is always worth the movie ticket price. My brother saw James M. in Jarhead and told me James M. was the only thing worth watching in the movie. Which is saying an awful lot because Jamie Foxx and Jake Gyllenhaal were in Jarhead too.
    James M. is one-degree from Lance Henriksen ( my all time favorite actor ) whom he worked with in Millennium's "dead letters" episode.