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James Murray


Greater Manchester, UK

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James Murray


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Born in Greater Manchester on the 22nd of January 1975 James Murray is an English actor.
He shot to fame as an adult in ITV 1's soap Coronation street as Sandy Hunter.

He then starred in a series of projects both film and television, including the acclaimed series North…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • James and his wife Sarah Parrish announced they were expecting their first child in January 2008, the baby is due in July

    • James Murray took on the role of Assistant Director in addition to place within the cast in a production of Love of the Nightingale in Edinburgh in 2005.

    • James dyed his hair blonde for his role as Sandy Hunter in Coronation Street.

    • After his falling into the river scene in Under the Greenwood Tree James states his fan mail increased, especially in regard to requests for a signed photo of him from that scene.

    • James owns a property with two of his siblings near Abersoch, in North Wales, his family used to rent the same house for holidays when he was a child, which is why he bought it when it came on the market.

    • James suffers from katsaridaphobia, the fear of cockroaches.

    • James performed 90% of his stunts for Primeval himself, only relying on a stuntman for the insurance mandated scenes.

    • In order to prepare for the physicality of the role of Stephen Hart in Primeval James spent three weeks in Belize trekking before filming began.

    • Supposedly James' portrayal of Liam (ex boy-band member with a rehab problem) in Cutting It earned the ire of Liam Gallagher who believed it was a reference to himself and wrote a letter to the BBC to complain.

    • James took three years off to travel and pick fruit in New Zealand after finishing school before returning to take a degree in scriptwriting and directing.

    • James Murray's screen debut was in 1979 at the age of four as Charlie in the Shoestring episode Listen to Me.

    • James is 6'1" (1.85 m).

    • James began dating Sarah Parish his former Cutting It co-star at the end of summer 2005. James proposed to Sarah in September 2007. They were married in Hampshire on December 15th 2007.

    • His main hobby is fishing, however he doesn't like coarse fishing. He is also fond of folk music.

    • James dislocated his shoulder during filming of episode one of Primeval, much to his disgust the scene where he was hurt was eventually cut from the episode.

    • James Murray's great-grandfather, Richard Hollins Murray, invented the reflecting lens in 1927.

  • Quotes

    • James Murray: I never thought I'd get to shoot a Gorgonopsid between the eyes in a forest. But then I never thought I'd be wading up to my waist in an East End reservoir, there are pros and cons.

    • James Murray: (About the Shape of Things) It's always interesting to tour through seaside theatres because you get a real mix of reactions. One or two people walked out in disgust; there is a fair amount of swearing. But the play's purpose is not to make an audience feel better. It is rather about getting a reaction and this play, if we do it properly, will certainly provoke people.

    • James Murray: It was fun, that's what attracted me personally to Primeval, because I've never really done too much hands-on-shameless boy's own gun-toting stuff before.

    • James Murray: I think the appeal of Agatha Christie is just that the stories are so well crafted. To adapt her work you have to keep the complexity in order to make the mystery work and be interesting. The stories are so layered and every single character is so well defined, particularly with their back-story and their reason for being there. Everybody has an agenda, which makes everyone a suspect.

    • James Murray: Being from the North, I can't stand being over-serviced and over-looked after. Twenty years ago, if an actor went missing on set, you were likely to find him down the local pub, but these days it's probably going to be in the local gym. Me, I try to balance the two locations – or maybe they should have a bar in every gym.

    • James Murray: (on being a heart-throb) Maybe I'm being incredibly ignorant, but I don't get a massive amount of female attention. I don't get jumped upon in the street, which I know some actors do. Maybe when I get the role of [James] Bond!

    • James Murray: I don't care what anybody says, in every man there is an itching to fire a gun; it's the old boys and their toys cliche and I'm clearly no exception to the general rule. It was a great opportunity to be able to fulfil my James Bond boyhood fantasies, and run around with guns saving the day. Who isn't going to enjoy that?

    • James: (On his character Stephen in Primeval) He's a bit David Attenborough and Ray Mears all rolled into one.

  • Firstly, James Murray and James Scott Murray are two different men. James Scott Murray, who plays Jeff Ramsden for about five seconds on an episode of Monarch of the Glen, is not the man currently eating up the screen as Stephen Hart, in Primeval ITVmoreless

    Just watched James Murray in The Sittaford Mystery, and contrary to the purists, I thought the Agatha christie story was a cracker. James eats up the screen and is just beautiful to watch. His chemistry with Zoe Telford as Emily was pure magic. I've also seen James in the festival film UK gangsta style movie, Nailing Vienna, and thought he was terrific, despite playing a complete idiot and no hoper with delusions of grandeur...it was funny as hell and well done by everyone involved.

    Also recently, I saw James in Under the Greenwood Tree, with Keeley Hawes, and in his role as William Morel, in Sons & Lovers with Sarah Lancaster. You don't get much more brooding intensity than that.

    His role in Primevel, given there's only been six episodes, hardly showcases this actors' talents. I look forward to seeing more from him in the future.moreless