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James Noble

James Noble


3/5/1922, Dallas, TX

Birth Name

James Wilkes Noble


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Married actress Carolyn Coates on May 19, 1956, and has one daughter named Jessica. Graduated from Highland Park High School in Dallas, TX. Attended Southern Methodist University. Was in the Navy during World War II.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Stole every seen on Benson.

    Jim Noble is excellent. He played the Governor on “Benson” so innocently and enthusiastically that he could make even the lamest joke work. His character was dumb, but still three dimensional. Usually he would wander around dopily, spouting pointless childhood stories, but when necessary, such as when someone insulted Benson or dismissed his political convictions, he could snap into action immediately to defend his principles and dress down whichever evil senator was guest starring that week. Though he was usually relegated to Benson's foil, his timing was impeccable and he could have easily carried a show of his own. Barry Bostwick owes him a lot for his use of the exact same character on Spin City.moreless