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  • My Father, My Son

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 30 - 4/23/66

    Joey and Bernie Jeffords are in the Hays City Trail's End Saloon watching Jim Barrett, a famous gunfighter, shoot pool. Joey decides he's faster than Barrett and gets killed trying to prove it. Bernie takes Joey home and informs his pa as to what happened. When Barrett arrives in Dodge City, Matt throws him in jail until he gets confirmation from the territorial governor that there's no warrants out for him. When he releases him, he tells Barrett that if he so much as breaks a whiskey glass in Dodge he'll throw him back in jail. Barrett promises to start no trouble. However, a young man in town keeps trying to kill Barrett, but keeps getting outwitted. In the meantime, Ike Jeffords gathers up his grown sons and heads for Dodge to settle the score with Barrett. That night one of the Jeffords boys calls Barrett out into the street while his father and three brothers wait in ambush!moreless
  • Gilt Guilt

    Full Episode

    S 10 : Ep 31 - 4/24/65

    Doc tries to save a mother and son who fight for life.
  • The Lady

    Full Episode

    S 10 : Ep 27 - 3/27/65

    Hattie Silks has raised her niece, Liz, and promised to take her to San Francisco. Near broke, they get as far as Dodge when Hattie talks Kitty into hiring her as companionship for the older men that patronize the Long Branch. Sam Hare has been ogling and pestering Liz the entire stagcoach trip to Dodge and she wants nothing to do with him. When Hattie meets local rancher Jud Briar, they fall in love and plan to be married. The spoiled brat in Liz reveals itself and she talks Sam Hare into hiring a gunfighter to goad Jud into a showdown (with Jud dead Hattie will have no reason to stay in Dodge and they can move on to San Francisco). Gunslinger Ray Pate decides to rile Jud into strapping on a gun by beating up Hattie. He can then kill Jud and claim self-defence. Things don't go quite as planned; Ray and Liz receive their just deserts in the end.moreless
  • Journey for Three

    Full Episode

    S 9 : Ep 36 - 6/6/64

    Adam, Cyrus and Boyd, of Jefferson City, Missouri are on the way to California. They are broke and headed to Dodge to make some money. They meet a girl. Boyd throws a rock to spook her horse. She is thrown and twists her ankle. Adam goes to look for her horse. Boyd puts her in their wagon. He tries for a kiss and gets a slap. Boyd tells Adam he took her home. Matt gets a telegram Bart Randall's daughter's been murdered. Quint's going hunting. Boyd let's slip the girl's dead. She hit her head when Boyd was tussling with her. Adam tells Cyrus we've got to get away from Boyd. Cyrus says no. Quint rides up and asks for a cup of coffee. Quint gives them a couple of rabbits. He offers to show Adam how to skin them. Boyd tells Quint to get on out of here. Boyd clunks Quint with a rifle butt. Adam stops Boyd from killing him. Boyd almost kills Adam. Cyrus ties up Quint. Boyd chases Quint's horse away. Matt finds Quint's horse, then Quint tied up. Matt and Quint hear shots. Boyd is shooting at a target. Matt tells them to throw down their guns. Cyrus runs off. Adam jumps Boyd. They struggle over a rifle. Adam kills Boyd. Matt takes Quint to Doc. Adam tells Matt about the girl. Louie asks Matt for a bunk. Quint tries to sneak out. Doc checks him out and says go on. Cyrus comes to the jail window. Adam tells him Boyd is dead. Quint's spending the night at Doc'c, you can sleep at Quint's. Adam tells Matt to go arrest Cyrus at Quint's. Cyrus is looking in a store window at guns. Matt kicks in Quint's door and finds Quint. Cyrus pulls a gun on Louie at Matt's office. Adam tells Cyrus to put the gun down. Matt enters and tells Cyrus to put the gun down. Adam grabs Cyrus. Cyrus is locked up. Adam is free to go. Adam tells Cyrus we both done wrong going along with Boyd. Cyrus says if I get out can we go back home.moreless
  • The Promoter

    Full Episode

    S 9 : Ep 30 - 4/25/64

    After fifteen years Henry Huckaby is tired of farming. A cavalry Lieutenant tells Henry they're looking for gunrunners. He says he has a crack squad including Johnnie Towers who can track and he's a boxer. Henry checks out the livery stable and blacksmith to make his fortune at. At the Long Branch he notices a gambler, Shell, who Matt has told to get out of town. Shell cheats, and demonstrates. Henry ask Shell to show him one trick. Henry gets winged by a gambler, Price. Jake a buffalo hunter picks a fight with Otto Gundlach, not knowing he's a prize fighter. Henry asks Otto if he can be his promoter. Henry aks the lieutenant if Johnnie Towers wants to fight Otto. The purse is $100. Price offers Otto $200 to throw the fight. Price takes all bets. Henry Obie is refereeing. Matt gets back and asks where is everyone. Kitty says at the fight. Matt says there's a law against prize fighting. Matt stops the fight in round 43. Obie declares the fight a draw. Matt fines Henry $50. Obie get $15. The door guys get paid. Henry splits the purse $50 each. Price tells Otto you cost me over $1000, and he wants his $200 back. Otto splits the $200 with Johnnie. Price tries to shoot Otto. Matt wings him. Henry returns to Daisy with $5. Henry says he's not going away no more.moreless
  • The Cousin

    Full Episode

    S 8 : Ep 21 - 2/2/63

    Chance Hopper got caught and did two years for bank robbery. He meets with his partners Cheevers and Moran. Chance is going to see Matt. They were raised by the same folks. Chance beats up three guys brawling. Kitty asks Chance if he and Matt are friends. Not exactly. Chester asks Matt if Chance is a friend of his. I don't know. Chance stops a runaway wagon and breaks his leg in the process. Doc plasters it up. Matt offers Chance the extra cot in his office. Chance is a week late meeting his partners. Hallie brings food and info she pumped from the stage driver to Cheevers and Moran. Hallie goes to Dodge to look for Chance. A drunken Gates wants a showdown Matt reasons with him. Chance tells Matt he just got out of prison. Chance rides out to meet his partners. They want Chance to keep Matt busy while they hit the stage with the gold shipment. Chance asks Matt to go with him to the Gilmore Ranch to look at a horse. Matt says he needs to be back by noon to meet the stage. Chance tries to slow Matt down. Cheevers and Moran are in the bushes. Chance clunks Matt with his cane. Chance tells Cheevers the holdup is off. Chance tells Matt he has a lot of explaining to do.moreless
  • Louis Pheeters

    Full Episode

    S 8 : Ep 17 - 1/5/63

    Matt rides up on a peddler, Tom Wiggins, talks awhile and rides on. Bart and his wife Clara are very unhappy together. Bart's riding out to the east spring. He meets his buddy Murph. They plan to meet at 8 at the Long Branch. Clara's cheating with Murph and wants Murph to kill Bart. Tom rolls up and tries to sell Clara somethig. She gets rid of him. Tom meets Bart on the prairie. Tom tells Bart Clara said he was in the barn. Bart sees the whiskey bottle and two glasses. Clara says Tom forced his way in and made her have a drink. Louie Pheeters sees Bart drown Tom, and tells Matt and Doc he had a dream. Gus Thompson brings in Tom's wagon. Matt and Gus look for Tom. Matt asks Bart about Tom. Louie sees Bart in the Long Branch and tells him he saw him drown Tom. Bart wants to kill him, Murph says drown him. They get Louie good and drunk. Murph gut shoots Bart and puts the gun in Louie's hand. Doc's trying to sober Louie up. Louie tells Matt he told Bart he saw him drown Tom. Matt takes Louie to where Tom was killed. Matt finds Tom's body. Matt locks Louie up. Louie says the man Bart was drinking with was in the alley too. Murph and Clara are celebrating. Matt knocks. Murph hides. Matt asks if Bart went to town with anyone. Murph goes out the window. Matt gives chase. Murph wings Matt. Matt kills Murph. Louie tells Matt he's ready to hang. Clara told Matt Murph killed Bart. Matt gives Louie a job as long as he doesn't drink.moreless
  • Jenny

    Full Episode

    S 8 : Ep 5 - 10/13/62

    Al Flack and Zel Meyers are dividing the money from their latest bank heist and agree to meet in Pueblo in two weeks for a gold robbery. Zel and his girl go to Dodge. Zel tells Jenny to get a job at the Long Branch. Zel loses $1500, to Chuck Eaton, playing poker. Zel holds up Chuck outside, but he doesn't have the money. Zel slugs him. Two guys see it and chase Zel. Matt goes to the Dodge House to arrest Zel, Chuck died. Zel tells Jenny they have to get to Pueblo. Jenny tells Matt to come to her room. She tells him Zel wants her to work on Matt. She told Zel she wouldn't, but she loves Matt. Matt returns to his room and Jenny is there. Matt throws a blanket over her and takes her up to Kitty. Flack arrives with $1000 for Zel's bail. Jenny tells Zel she's staying with Matt. Matt tells Zel not to leave town. Louie Pheeters hears Zel say he's going to kill Matt tonight. Louie tells Matt. Zel's looking in Matt's window. Matt is outside and confronts him. In the morning Flack opens the office door and shoots at Matt, he misses. Flack, Zel and Jenny ride off. Matt and Quint ride out after them. Zel tells Jenny he's going to kill her. Flack tells Zel he'll take her. Zel says she my girl and I'll do what I want. Flack asks Jenny to go with him. She agrees. Quint rides up to Flack and Zel. Matt rides up from behind. Jenny sees Matt but doesn't warn Flack and Zel. When Matt's gets there Zel tries to shoot him. Jenny hits Zel's arm. Zel and Flack are killed. Jenny says she is going to St. Louis.moreless
  • Old Yellow Boots

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 2 - 10/7/61

    Frank Cassidy is a thief and murderer that stops at Beulah Parker's farm for water. When he finds that she's unmarried and owns the farm he begins to work his way into her good graces. When her brother, Leroy, shows up and Cassidy realizes that she's not the sole owner of the farm he leaves and goes into Dodge. When Beulah goes into Dodge, Jake Welch and Henry Head, two drifters, get into a scuffle with her on the street, which Matt breaks up. Believing that Cassidy would have married her if Leroy hadn't ruined it, Beulah hires Jake and Henry to murder her brother. After they do, Cassidy once again shows interest in Beulah and they decide to marry. Matt realizes that Cassidy only wants to marry Beulah so he can sell her farm and run off. Trying to reason with Beulah about it is fruitless; therefore, Matt gets a court injunction to stop (or at least postpone) the wedding. Beulah then hires Jake and Henry to murder Matt. Not a good idea.moreless
  • Perce

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 1 - 9/30/61

    Matt runs into Perce McCall on the prairie and they decide to camp together. Three outlaws, who think Matt's been tracking them, show up and try to kill him. Even though Perce knows them, he sides with Matt and all three outlaws are killed. Matt is beholdin' to Perce for saving his life. Perce explains that he knew the outlaws from the past when he used to rob stages. He got caught, paid the price, and is now heading to Dodge to do a little gambling and have some fun. The trouble starts when Perce meets Ida Poe, one of Kitty's girls, and decides to go after her. Hank Seeber, who considers Ida his girl, takes exception. Ida's dark side appears when she tells Perce she needs a man that can "make his own luck," (cheat at cards) and provide a financially secure future for her. She's unimpressed with his job at the stock pens and shames him into searching for a better way. Soon after Perce leaves Dodge it's reported that the stage was held up on the road to Wichita. Upon his return Matt questions him and is told that he went to Wichita to try to do a cattle buying deal that didn't materialize. Seeber then starts spreading the rumor that Perce robbed the stage. That, coupled with the rivalry over Ida, leads to a shooting!moreless
  • Vendetta

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 36 - 6/1/59

    Somebody shoots Edie in an attempt to get to Gunn. Jacoby still in the hospital gives Pete a clue as to who is seeking revenge.
  • The Case of the Negligent Nymph

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 12 - 12/7/57

    Perry Mason and Paul Drake are on a fishing trip when they spot a young woman named Sally Fenner being pursued by vicious guard dogs on an island estate. The only way Sally can avoid being chewed up by the dogs is to jump into the water and swim for it. Perry and Paul pull Sally out of the drink and Perry ends up defending her on a murder charge.moreless