James Reiher Jr.

James Reiher Jr.


9/1/1970, Laie, Hawaii

Birth Name

James William Reiher Jr.



Also Known As

'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka Jr., Solo Snuka, Snuka Jr., Duece, The Future, Superfly, Solo, Jimmy Snuka Jr, Deuce Shade, Deuce, Mr. Crack 'em in da mouth
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James William Reiher, Jr. is a professional wrestler currently signed to on WWE and appears on the Smackdown! Brand. He is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. On April 20 2007 he became one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, with partner Domino…more


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  • The Other half of the greaser tag team Deuce N Domino. also Jimmy Snuka's son.Deuce Like Domino is also very underrated and it seems they've been on a losing streak for the past 4 months jobbing to the likes of Jesse and Festus. I would like see more winsmoreless

    Deuce Is 1 half of the Tag Team On Smackdown known as Deuce N Domino But He Is Also The Great Jimmy Snuka's son. I would like to see Deuce pick up more victories instead of losing to Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore. But These two are my favorite Tag Team regardless of any W/L record.being Jimmy Snuka's son One would think Deuce may End up a future ECW champion like his father or possibly a Future Hall Of Famer Only time will tell but one things for certain Deuce N Domino Have a future in the WWE it may be hard so see now but they've only been wrestling for about 2 years so there's always room for improvementmoreless