James Remar

James Remar


12/31/1953, Boston, Massachusetts

Birth Name

William James Remar


  • Season Two
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American actor William James Remar was born on December 31, 1953 in Boston, Massachusetts. Remar is married and has two children. His first major role as an actor was in the 1979 movie 'The Warriors'. Due to his threatening physical appearance Remar enjoyed playing the role of the…more


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    • James: (On Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore) Ben's awesome, Drew's awesome. I've worked with her before. They are both really, really wonderful, professional, authentic people.

    • James: That's why I take on a variety of roles. I've played everything from a gay dancer in Cruising (1980) to Dutch Schultz in The Cotton Club (1984). James Remar is a student of life. I'm expressing myself by acting. I'm learning about myself and making a living. I hope to do much more of it, so I can contribute my share to the world.

    • James: Any good actor is a character actor.

    • James: I have had ghostly experiences throughout my life. One time when I was about 11 there was this electronic sound and a being crossed from one side of the room to the other. I have never forgotten it and it was 35 years ago. There was this sound and this terrifying presence and I was completely awake. I found some of the on-set experiences frightening because of that.

    • James: People often confuse me with my characters. They think I'm a bad guy or something because I play them on TV. I've had all kinds of people stop me on the street, and they think I really am Ganz from 48 Hours or that I've killed people. But I haven't. I am somewhat antisocial, but I'm not tough. I'm really kind of a wimp. A cream puff.

    • James: I have difficulty also with the popular phrase "terrorist." I think that the term empowers them and emboldens them. I believe that the press should have changed the characterization of people who commit murder without showing their faces. They're criminals and they're cowards. If you have a cause or something you want to promote in a violent manner, then let us know who you are. I don't think blowing people up in marketplaces anonymously really helps anything. It's just an act of sickness.