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  • James Remar is an amazing actor who enjoys showing a gruff face to the world...but is nothing like it in real life.

    James Remar is absolutely AMAZING! Some guys just walk around and chew the scenery and expect us to be scared of them (James Woods comes to mind). Then there's James, who gives one half-smile, maybe a handful of terse words and you're hooked. He has had some really nasty roles ("48 Hours" and "One Good Turn"), but there are other roles that show that there is something beneath that gruff exterior--Jonah Prowse on "Jericho" and Harry Morgan on "Dexter" are just a couple of examples.

    It's hard to imagine that he's the same guy that described himself as an "anti-social cream puff" back in 2001, but everyone I've spoke to says that he is very gentle and kind and a real classy guy.