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    • James: (On Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore) Ben's awesome, Drew's awesome. I've worked with her before. They are both really, really wonderful, professional, authentic people.

    • James: That's why I take on a variety of roles. I've played everything from a gay dancer in Cruising (1980) to Dutch Schultz in The Cotton Club (1984). James Remar is a student of life. I'm expressing myself by acting. I'm learning about myself and making a living. I hope to do much more of it, so I can contribute my share to the world.

    • James: Any good actor is a character actor.

    • James: I have had ghostly experiences throughout my life. One time when I was about 11 there was this electronic sound and a being crossed from one side of the room to the other. I have never forgotten it and it was 35 years ago. There was this sound and this terrifying presence and I was completely awake. I found some of the on-set experiences frightening because of that.

    • James: People often confuse me with my characters. They think I'm a bad guy or something because I play them on TV. I've had all kinds of people stop me on the street, and they think I really am Ganz from 48 Hours or that I've killed people. But I haven't. I am somewhat antisocial, but I'm not tough. I'm really kind of a wimp. A cream puff.

    • James: I have difficulty also with the popular phrase "terrorist." I think that the term empowers them and emboldens them. I believe that the press should have changed the characterization of people who commit murder without showing their faces. They're criminals and they're cowards. If you have a cause or something you want to promote in a violent manner, then let us know who you are. I don't think blowing people up in marketplaces anonymously really helps anything. It's just an act of sickness.