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    • James hosted the 18th Annual Days Of Our Lives Celebrity Charity Basketball game in 2007. The event was held in aid of the South Pasadena High School Boys Basketball Program and the Pasadena Ronald McDonald House.

    • In June 2007, James was rushed to hospital to undergo emergency open-heart surgery for a faulty heart valve. James made a full recovery and returned to work in six weeks.

    • In April 2007, James was invited to speak at a memorial honouring civil rights activist, Dr. Martin Luther King.

    • James is listed in Who's Who in Entertainment, Who's Who African-Americans, Who's Who in Business, and Who's Who International.

    • James, Lissa, and their son Jed and other members of their family have established 'Big Men Stuff'; a company that utilises clothing items with slogans embroidered on them (such as: Big Men Don't Hit They Hug) to help in the fight against abuse.

    • James' name was added to the Kansas Historical Society's list of famous Kansans, a list that includes such notables as President Dwight Eisenhower, Amelia Earhardt, Langston Hughes and Barry Sanders.

    • James, and wife Lissa own and operate Classes Unlimited, a learning centre in South Pasadena, California, where people can take classes as "How to Write a Romance Novel", "Rapid Spanish", "Basic Bookkeeping", "Gold Prospecting", many computer classes, and a variety of other classes.

    • In 2003, The South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce named James and wife Lissa Layng Reynolds, as 'Business Persons of the Year'. The Pasadena Weekly have also named James and Lissa Layng Reynolds as one of the one hundred most influential couples in Pasadena.

    • James only began auditioning for plays during university as he was told it was the best place on campus to meet girls.

    • James tours colleges with his one-man show, I, Too, Am America. The show is a commentary on the African-American experience in the US - from beginning to the present.

    • James was the Managing Artist Director of the Los Angeles Repertory Theatre for seven years. James and Lissa are also the Artistic Directors for the Fremont Centre Theatre.

    • While looking for acting work, James worked as an entertainment reviewer and feature writer at the Colorado Springs Sun, and a film reviewer for the Topeka Daily Capitol.

    • James' favourite school subjects were maths and English. He majored in journalism and pre-law at Topeka's Washburn University.

    • James left university to travel around the US, before moving to San Francisco to find work as an actor.

    • James is an avid sportsman and in his young years played football, basketball, as well as competing in track events. He enjoys playing basketball and racquetball.

    • If James wasn't an actor, he believes he would be a writer.

    • James' on-screen wife Lexie, played by Renee Jones, also played his girlfriend in 1981 as another charater, Nikki Wade.

    • James organises the annual Days Of Our Lives basketball game each year, with the proceeds going to charity.

    • James is a former Marine and a Vietnam veteran.

  • Quotes

    • James: (on speaking at a memorial honouring Dr. Martin Luther King) It was really wonderful and touching. Kent State University was the last school that he spoke at before he was murdered. It was 39 years ago, and he was 39 at the time. They dedicated a bust to Martin Luther King and renamed a street after him in Manhatten, Kansas, which is where Kent State University is locate. I was honoured to be asked to give the keynote address at the same place, and at the same time Martin Luther King died.

    • James: (on growing up in Oskaloosa, Kansas) It was great growing up in a small town. The town's entire population came to only eight hundred, at that time, and our lifestyle was generally one of peace and quiet, disturbed only rarely by an unexpected event. My grandparents told me of the time they were held hostage overnight by several escaped convicts from the nearby Leavenworth Federal Prison. That, of course, was the exception to the rule and it was the biggest news event to occur in Oskaloosa within anyone's memory when I was growing up there.

    • James: (on Jason Cook's directorial debut, "Social Security Guard") I was very impressed. He had a great cast - and as a theatre director myself, I know that the first thing you look for is a great cast.

    • James: Part of me would love to teach history at college, but I've been a journalist in the past and would love to become a novelist. I'd like to sit at home and write a book on my computer.

    • James: (when asked if he watches other soaps) I like a lot of shows. The Young & The Restless, General Hospital, and All My Children has been a long-time favorite. I flip channels and watch shows periodically. We must vote for the Daytime Emmys, of course, and I like to be informed and see everyone's work.

    • James: (on acting) It is the best thing. I'm allowed to make a living at what I really love doing. I love coming to work. I get to do a fight scene, then I do a scene with Renee [Jones]. It's great!